Greg Oden Officially Joins Lebron & Co. 

It was reported earlier in the week that Greg Oden would be taking his talents and suspect knees to South Beach. NBA TV reports its official, as the 7-footer has signed a two-year, NBA-minimum deal with the Heat.

Oden, the No. 1 pick in the ‘07 NBA Draft out of Ohio State, has had a career decimated by injuries and hasn’t played in an NBA game since fracturing his kneecap on Dec. 5, 2009. He will attempt to come back with a Lebron James-led Miami team hunting for a third-straight NBA title.

Oden admits he is still not in top shape, but he won’t have to play big minutes with the Heat. Both parties are hoping he can eventually be a serviceable big man and defensive nuisance in the paint.

Potato chip-brittle is what Oden’s been throughout his career. It’s a long-shot that he’ll even remain healthy, but if there is any team that can afford to wait and see how he progresses, it's the Heat.

Mike Conley Sr., one of Oden’s agents, said they considered other clubs, but felt Miami was the safest landing spot. A place where Oden could shake his “Sam Bowie” label and be more like Bill Walton.

"He just thought that it was the best fit for him, where he's at and especially for how it relates to him coming back," Conley said. "He can be on a winning team and be working his way in slowly."

Last summer Ray Allen left Boston and couldn’t wait to help LBJ win another c’hip. It would almost be unfair if Oden could stay healthy and be a factor for 82 games. Talk about the rich getting richer.

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