Greg Hardy gets suspension reduced to 4 games

A decision has finally been made in regards to Dallas Cowboys defensive end Greg Hardy and his drawn out appeal for his 10 game suspension due to multiple violations of the leagues personal conduct policy.

Arbitrator Harold Henderson will uphold the suspension, but has decided to significantly reduce the ban to 4 games.

The situation stems from an altercation between Hardy and then girlfriend, Nicole Holder, where domestic violence charges were filed in North Carolina’s Mecklenburg County. The pro-bowler was found guilty by a judge of assault & making threats to kill Holder. The judge would go on to hand down a 60 day suspended sentence and 18 months of probation for the misdemeanor charges that would be immediately appealed as Hardy and his representation sought a trial by jury.

Charges were eventually dismissed when Holder failed to cooperate with authorities.

Controversy has swirled around the appeal for months as many have criticized the NFL commissioner, Roger Goddell, for his use of the personal conduct policy prior to it being officially implemented.

The biggest winners are the Cowboys front office and owner Jerry Jones who signed Hardy to a one-year nongarunteed deal worth $11.3 million earlier in March. Jones was fully aware that Hardy may face the full 10 game suspension so the deal was structured so that the Cowboys wouldn’t take a loss.

Hardy will be able to take part in Cowboys training camp and preseason games, while the suspension begins  on September 5th.

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