Gordon Banished from the NFL?

Cleveland Browns' stud wide receiver Josh Gordon is facing a year-long suspension from the league after testing positive for alcohol. Gordon is tested for alcohol because of a prior DUI conviction and is currently in stage 3 of his rehabilitation program, which requires regular testing for alcohol and other substances. The failed test came at the end of this season, a season which saw the Browns' hopes for a better tomorrow get washed away in a sea of quarterback controversies and injuries.

NFL rules state that Gordon be placed on "tolls" which means he will be placed contractually under the Browns' control through 2016. If not for his suspension in the final game of his 2014 season, Gordon would have become an unrestricted free agent by the end of the 2015 season. Gordon's concerning history of substance abuse, and consequent inability to stay on the field for the Browns, has been a glaring issue in his career. His presence as a playmaker has a great effect on the Browns' offense, and considering the lack of playmakers on their roster, Gordon is needed on the team.

Now ownership has to decide whether his off the field antics outweight his on the field performance.