Senatorial Candidate Clowns NFL Protesters via Troll-Bait FB Page

Right now there’s a bit of a blowup occurring over some offensive things being posted on the Facebook page of Republican Senate nominee Roy Moore. Indeed, there’s nothing new to see here. After all, Roy Moore literally gave birth to the birther movement that erroneously claimed President Barack Obama was not born in this country.  Additionally, Moore has had some choice words to say about the LBGTQ community. We all know that the Internet is the perfect festering ground and hiding place for racists, sexists and homophobes to meander and propagate. But this isn’t your normal racist. This is a man whose opinion still holds considerable sway over a substantial portion of the people in the state of Alabama.  Also, surprise, he was nominated in a landslide by this group of people BECAUSE he shares the same dated, hateful and divisive viewpoints as many of those in his constituency. 

Not only has this alleged American politician said derogatory things about large swaths of his fellow Americans, but he has also gone on record praising the Russians for their heavy-handed decree banning what they call “propaganda’ that promotes homosexuality.  Just a few short weeks ago, President Donald J. Trump ignited a firestorm of controversy by calling NFL players who protest during the national anthem, as well as NBA players and others who have supported them, “sons of bitches” while attempting to garner support for Moore’s opponent in the senatorial race, Luther Strange. Trump’s endorsement was unable to get Strange the Republican nomination to the Senate.  

However, the dust of disdain and degradation that he has kicked into the atmosphere with his very existence is part of the reason why people like Moore are gaining popularity on the national stage.  Racists and Neo-Confederates feel comfortable coming into the light these days, part, because the scrutiny is much less visceral than it had seemed to be just 10 short years ago. 

One meme on the page, which was reportedly posted by Moore’s wife, shows a group of African Americans on top of a police cruiser during the Baltimore Riots that ensued over the killing of Freddie Gray.  The caption reads: “Want to stop riots? Play the national anthem. They’ll all sit.”                                                            


In September 2016, Moore shared an image of military coffins that asked NFL quarterbacks protesting during the national anthem to “please point out which of these guys are black so we can remove the offensive flag.” 


He also shared an article in July 2015 that praised Russia’s anti-gay laws and Russians who opposed Facebook’s feature that allowed users to change their profile pictures to celebrate same-sex marriage. 

 In November 2015 he posted a video calling President Obama a Muslim. The same video was shared by his wife and foundation on Facebook, this despite more Moore previously telling CNN’s KFile that the video didn’t reflect his views.   

Britain First


Twice in February 2016, Moore shared a photo of African migrants climbing a border fence into Spain with the implication that the picture was of America’s border with Mexico. By the way, Moore is backed by former White House advisor Steve Bannon.  That should tell you all you need to know about Moore. 


Indeed. Moore is a former judge from the state of Alabama and it is chilling to ponder the number of black lives he has personally ruined due to his belief in the 300 year old ideology of a treasonous southern regime.  He is literally one of millions of faces that make up the interlocking ideology of institutional racism.

The page is not his current campaign page, but one from his failed 2010 run for governor of Alabama. Some of the posts themselves are said to be two years old. So, it’s likely these misgivings are coming to light because of his upcoming senatorial race against Democratic candidate Doug Jones. But the date these salacious views were posted really doesn’t matter.  Anytime is a great time to call out a racist. 

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