Good Morning: Yasiel Puig Says F*** The Media

Yasiel Puig is not a fan of the media.



Mike Trout was out with a tight hamstring, Albert Pujols was declared out for the season with a foot injury and the Angels lost 5-2 to Cleveland.


The Texas Rangers continued to abuse the Houston Astros, a team that, by Premier League standards, should be relegated from MLB, scoring 11 runs in the third to put the game to rest early.


MLB offered to waive the confidentiality agreement which would allow them to discuss A-Rod's history of drug abuse, a move that was declined on live TV by A-Rod's lawyer who called it a "trap."


SI breaks down the weaknesses in the NL's top six contenders.


Police reportedly found the weapon used in a double-murder and linked it to Aaron Hernandez.


Pats owner Robert Kraft wants Tom Brady to wear a knee brace at all times when he's on the field.


The Redskins lost their starting nose tackle and backup QB to injury.


The Rams named Daryl Richardson their starting RB.


Marcus Lattimore is unlikely to play for the 49ers this year as a precaution to protect his knee.


Florida's top recruit Chris Walker may be academically ineligible. 


Miami gave fifth-year senior Dyron Dye the boot.


The NCAA changed their mind on the MTSU Marine's eligibility after initially ruling he would have to sit out a year.


Ty Lawson was arrested for a domestic dispute.


Ronnie Brewer signed with the Houston Rockets.


Tickets for the 2014 World Cup are now on sale.


Steph Curry talks shop with Lang Whitaker.




Lee Thompson Young, perhaps better known for his role as Jett Jackson, committed suicide at age 29.


The power went out for two hours last night in Connecticut, and several Breaking Bad fans called 911 to report the issue. The police department was not amused.


Kid President interviewed Beyonce.


Noisey spent a day with Ab-Soul, who discussed growing up in a record shop which changed his life.


Earl Sweatshirt sat down with The New Yorker to discuss his life and debut album.


The A$AP Mob took over Hot 97.


B.o.B. puts crooked politicians on blast with his latest release from his upcoming album, Underground Luxury.


Curren$y and Harry Fraud team up again for "Audio Dope 4."




The Guardian claims the British government destroyed several of their hard drives after their work on the Edward Snowden leak.


Cory Booker is already up 16 points in the New Jersey Senate race.


Five people were shot in Chicago outside a church holding a prayer service.


A three-year old in Michigan accidentally shot himself in the head with a gun found in a closet.


College textbooks have increased in price by 82 percent over the last decade, and students are finding ways around paying the high prices by illegal downloads, sharing or photocopying. 


Sony is set to release an attachable zoom-lens for camera phones.


Do you remember the nuclear plant that exploded in Japan in 2011? It is now leaking, and over 300 tons of highly contaminated water are somewhere in the environment, which is a separate issue from the other 300 tons of leaked dirty water they already knew about. 


Is Facebook a public health threat? Given the rise in suicides and correlation between time spent on the site and lower self-esteem, it very well could be a widespread problem. Of course, there is always the "delete" button.


The Obamas got a new dog.





2013 is the year of Janelle Monae and Miguel. Be careful, you'll play this one all day.