Good Morning: Which Team Is Desperate Enough To Sign Jeff Garcia?

We've written about the NFL QB injury crisis extensively at TSL, but now it's so bad that 43-year old Jeff Garcia wants to make a comeback.


Dabo Swinney and Tajh Boyd deny rumors that the Clemson QB has $80,000 in gambling debts.


Dez Bryant compared himself to Megatron which gave Nate Burleson a hearty giggle.


Mike Vick was voted the least liked player in the NFL, to which he responded, "I don't care."


Bruce Arians says Larry Fitzgerald was only playing at 80 percent last week 


Josh Freeman will remain the starter for Minnesota despite his disappointing debut.


The archbishops of St. Louis and Boston waged $100 bets on the outcome of the World Series. Tough economics times for the Catholic church, huh?


Tim Lincecum and the San Francisco Giants agreed on a two-year extension.


Four people were charged in a fight at the Jets-Pats game including the man who punched a woman in the face.


Mike Leake went off on Dusty Baker's managerial tenure with the Cincinatti Reds.


Aaron Murray is really, really excited that one of his running back's is finally healthy.

"Beautiful as always," said Murray, asked after practice how Gurley looked. "I was looking at him and I was like, 'goodness, gracious that dude is huge.' I mean he's a pretty sucker to look at. He looked good. He did everything. Y'all see us when we do run polish. He did every rep with me and he looked good. I asked him how he felt and he said he feels good. We've got another two weeks so he'll be full go by Florida hopefully. It's definitely great to have him back."


The NBA GM survey was released, and the Miami Heat and LeBron James are overwhelming favorites to win everything, except, apparently LeBron taking the last shot. That nod went to Kevin Durant.


The Denver Nuggets are reportedly weighing the trade value of Kenneth Faried.






Timbaland announced he may change the name of his album yet again as he previewed his new track with Jay Z.


Queen Latifah and Nicki Minaj play Wheel of Accents.


They've discovered Joey Bada$$ across the pond. Get to know him, if you don't already.


Childish Gambino is a bit more chill than usual.


A trailer for Anchorman 2 reached the interwebs.





An Obama official was fired for his use of a fake Twitter account that frequently insulted members of the White House and Congress. You can see some of his tweets from the now-deleted account here.


58 percent of Americans now support legalizing marijuana.


Syrian rebels made a satirical video to describe the three-year civil war in Syria.




Rick Ross hops Lorde's jam "Royals" as he prepares to drop Mastermind in December.