Good Morning: UCLA and USC – Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Dumber

Just a week after Lane Kiffin and USC stupidly offered a middle schooler a scholarship, UCLA responded by doing the same thing with an eighth-grade quarterback from Texas. 


After GM Billy King scoured the earth looking for a new coach, the Brooklyn Nets hired Jason Kidd to coach the team next season, just a month after announcing his retirement. 


Tracy McGrady is playing LeBron James in practice. After taking the blame for Miami's struggles, LeBron James faces pressure to be more assertive and to will his team to victory. Tony Parker just hopes to get on the court.


Otto Porter's agent seems confident that he won't slip out of the top three picks in the NBA draft.


The Cleveland Cavs set up a meeting with Nerlens Noel. 


The Memphis Grizzlies will interview Alvin Gentry for their head coaching position.


Yasiel Puig is day-to-day with a shoulder injury which may have stemmed from LA's brawl with Arizona, an altercation that left bad blood between the two teams. 


The Stanley Cup is off to a good start with a 4-3 win for Chicago in triple-overtime. 


Eagles OT Jason Peters was arrested for drag racing.


Santonio Holmes backs Mark Sanchez as the Jets' starting QB. 


DeSean Jackson says the QB competition in Philly is pretty even.





Pharrell discusses working with Tyler, the Creator, Frank Ocean and Earl Sweatshirt.


A$AP Ferg heads to The Backroom.


D'Banj releases a new track "Blame It On The Money" with Big Sean and Snoop Lion.


Kanye West performs "New Slaves" in Switzerland.


Check out young MC Jonwayne from LA spit over a classic J. Dilla beat.





Families from Newtown, CT met with lawmakers who voted against the gun control bill, adding, "We're here for the marathon that this is." CNN looks at why the movement faltered


Google announces that thousands of Gmail users in Iran were hacked and may have implications in their upcoming elections. 


Facebook introduces hashtags


A candidate for Mayor in Mexico was shot and killed on Monday.


Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan says he is running out of patience with the protestors and insists they must leave Gezi Park in what he calls his "final warning." The death toll is up to five people. 


The death toll in the Syrian war is now at 93,000 according to the UN. Rebels fighting the government are now resorting to making their own weapons in what is becoming an increasingly desperate situation. 





The NSA Chief says their phone-spying program halted "dozens" of terror attacks planned against the US. Leaker Edward Snowden says they also use the program to target China. 

On a related note, police agencies are assembling records of DNA, a realm that used to belong to the FBI. Since these databases are relatively new there is very little regulation or oversight compared to the national or state level. 

“We have been warning law enforcement that when public attention began to focus on these rogue, unregulated databases, people would be disturbed,” said Barry Scheck, a co-director of the Innocence Project, which seeks to exonerate wrongfully convicted prisoners. “Law enforcement has just gone ahead and started collecting DNA samples from suspects in an unregulated fashion.”  

For their part, law enforcement officials say that the crime-solving benefits of local databases are dramatic.  “Our take is that it’s good for law enforcement and good for the community,” said Doug Muldoon, police chief of Palm Bay, a city of about 100,000 in Central Florida, about its database, which has produced 1,000 matches. He said his officers could now use DNA to address the crime conditions “in our community — property crimes and burglaries.” State crime labs can take months to analyze evidence from low-level felonies like that, he said.




J. Cole is on to the next, offering up some new music from a new project called "New York Times." The title track features 50 Cent and Dreamville label-mate Bas.

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