Good Morning: Those Saban-Texas Rumors Won’t Die ‘Till He Signs New Deal

Emails from Nick Saban's agent sent in January say Texas is the only school Saban would consider leaving Alabama for. There hasn't been any official word yet, but Saban has been linked to the likely opening at Texas when Mack Brown leaves/gets fired, and these reports will only fuel speculation that denials — given Saban's history — won't really help. Still, as Brian Floyd pointed out, Saban's assistants all received raises shortly after these emails were sent. The game is the game.


The New York Yankees reportedly offered Robinson Cano $165 million over seven years.


According to reports, the Miami Dolphins wanted to "toughen up" Jonathan Martin, so they saddled him with Richie Incognito. 


Nate Burleson returned to practice six weeks after he broke his arm in a car crash while trying to save pizza.


Texas confirmed their next AD will be Steve Patterson, currently serving the same position at ASU.


The NBA's top overall pick in the 2013 Draft, Anthony Bennett, is 0-15 from the field.


Former NBA All-Star Michael Redd will announce his retirement today.


Say goodbye to the Houston Astrodome.


Jay Z faces punishment from MLB after Robinson Cano posted a photo thanking Roc Nation for his birthday gift, a limited-edition Shawn Carter $33,000 Hublot.

JR Smith doing JR Smith things.

Jonas Valanciunas, the NBA Summer League MVP, dunked on LeBron James (Miami won tho).


Metta World Peace with the flagrant foul, then a cuddle.




The History Channel announced a remake of the Roots television series.


Drake's NWTS went platinum just five weeks after it's release.


Janelle Monae postponed a few stops on her tour after a doctor ordered her to rest her vocal chords.


Rondo Numba Nine and Lupe drop a video for "Life Of A Savage."




The US government is offering a $5 million reward for information leading to the killing or capture of Mexican drug lord Rafael Caro Quintero. Yeah, crack that whip, DEA. 


Gay marriage was approved in Illinois and Hawaii.


Microsoft issued a warning that hackers could exploit a vulnerability in thier system to gain access to computers.


Starbucks will aim to hire 10,000 veterans or spouses of active-duty military.




Eminem released a bonus track with Buckshot, "Don't Front."