Good Morning: There Were Buzzer Beaters Galore Last Night

LeBron James hit the game winner with 3.2 seconds left against the Orlando Magic, extending their 16-game winning streak.



Kobe Bryant refused to let LA lose yesterday, dropping 42 points to climb out of a 25-point hole against New Orleans, which included a 20-0 run. (Bad news: Austin Rivers suffered a broken hand.)



Jeff Green hit the game-winning layup for the Celtics to sneak out of Indiana with an 83-81 victory.



Georgia Tech hit Miami with the last-second buzz-kill to win 71-69 and prevent Miami from capturing the ACC regular season title. The 'Canes blew an 11-point lead in the second quarter. Tournament ready?


Dwight Howard says he didn't mean any disrespect to his former teammates when he said, “My team in Orlando was full of players nobody wanted…” He clarified, saying he didn't like being overlooked all the time. JJ Redick sums it up best, “I would be more surprised when Dwight starts taking responsibility. That would be the most negative thing I can say, but that's the truth.”


Will Jim Boeheim retire at the end of this season?


The Yankees lost Mark Teixeira for 8-10 weeks.


Florida crushed Vanderbilt to capture the SEC title. is putting up $5 million for Kobe and LeBron to face off in the 2014 dunk contest.


Shaq gets revenge on Aaron Carter. Funnier in concept, unfortunately.



How much fun must the Clippers have in practice? Blake Griffin had a triple-double en route to a 117-101 victory, in addition to this:





Any other rapper: Step your visual game up.



Jeffrey Wright will be joining Boardwalk Empire as Valentin Narcisse, Doctor of Divinity, philanthropist, student of culture and the man who runs Harlem.


Nas and Rick Ross come in at three and four on MTV's Hottest MC list.


SpaceGhostPurrp is putting a lot of new music out this week. Here's his latest, “Juss Chill.”



T.I. released a trailer for his upcoming short film for “Addresses” off Trouble Man: Heavy Is The Head.



This may or may not be an actual freestyle/impromptu video shoot from Fab. I'm choosing to believe it's real.





Kentucky Senator Rand Paul went on a 13-hour filibuster yesterday to delay the nomination of CIA director John Brennan over questions of torture and drone policy.


Senator Marco Rubio quoted Wiz Khalifa and Jay-Z during his assist to Rand's filibuster.


Both asked what the reaction to the refusal to release documents on drones and torture would be if George W. Bush were in office. They have a point.


New cataloguing shows over 42,500 Nazi ghettos, a number much higher than previously believed.


North Korea has threatened the US with nuclear action and cancelled the peace treaty with South Korea. Thanks, Rodman.




Ta-Nehisi Coates writes about good people who are also racist.

The idea that racism lives in the heart of particularly evil individuals, as opposed to the heart of a democratic society, is reinforcing to anyone who might, from time to time, find their tongue sprinting ahead of their discretion. We can forgive Whitaker’s assailant. Much harder to forgive is all that makes Whitaker stand out in the first place. New York is a city, like most in America, that bears the scars of redlining, blockbusting and urban renewal. The ghost of those policies haunts us in a wealth gap between blacks and whites that has actually gotten worse over the past 20 years.





Drake dropped another track from his next album.






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