Good Morning: The Knicks Dug Out of a 22-Point Hole

The New York Knicks fought back from a 22-point hole to beat Cleveland despite losing Carmelo Anthony in the fourth quarter. He is expected to return in a couple of games.



The Miami Heat won their fifteenth game in a row. Child's play.


Kobe Bryant said he would have smacked Serge Ibaka for what he did to Blake Griffin.


The NBA may seek a $75 million relocation fee to move the Kings to Seattle.


Rory McIlroy regrets walking off the course last week due to a painful tooth problem.


The Kansas City Chiefs signed Dwayne Bowe to a five-year contract.


76ers CEO Adam Aron says the Andrew Bynum trade “should have worked.” But it didn't.


Brittney Griner dropped 50 last night.


Darrelle Revis says trade talks from the Jets “hit home” in a revealing YouTube interview with Seahawks FB Michael Robinson. Part two, coming soon. Look out Richard Sherman.


UCLA head coach Ben Howland would like to see changes made to the one-and-done system. I would bet most coaches who are more “recruiters” than actual “coaches” would feel the same way.


D.C. media and residents are mad at Jim Irsay for comments made about RG3. Doesn't look to me like they read the original context: Irsay said RG3 would have been in a less run-heavy offense in Indy, obviously, but it was taken to mean he wouldn't have gotten hurt in the playoffs, somehow – which is annoying and lazy of the D.C. media.


North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory says the Carolina Panthers won't be receiving state money for a potential new stadium.


It doesn't appear there will be a stadium in LA, either.


Did you know that anyone can try out for the NFL?


JaVale McGee swatted a three-pointer into the sixth row.





There are rumors of a “smoking gun” email that will reveal much more about the death of Michael Jackson when the trial begins next month.


Mannie Fresh describes his role at G.O.O.D. Music.


Rihanna was in London to show off her new retail clothing line.


What, you think because there's a young, nervous English kid doing his first major interview on TV with Mila Kunis that I'd just put it up on the site? Because you're totally wrong. So wrong. Anyway, it's pretty funny.



Big K.R.I.T. is getting ready to drop his next mixtape KRIT, and released this dope video of his recording sessions with 9th Wonder.



Kid Ink, Meek and Wale light the set on fire for their “Bad Ass” video.





President Obama wants you to be able to free your phone from its provider. This is a major development for the digital era.


Remember how rich people were rebranded “job creators” by Republicans in order to make them seem more favorable and to maintain the current economic structure that allows massive bonuses to be handed out while…well, you know already. Anyway, turns out those job creators we should all depend on aren't creating jobs after all. Why? They've already made big gains over the last few years when the rest of the country tightened their belt and got to work, so they aren't hiring.


China may finally be joining the United Nations in enforcing sanctions against North Korea. They will, likely, not go as far as the US would like, but it makes the sanctions much tougher with China's involvement.


The United States is either carrying out even-more-secret drone killings in Pakistan or the Pakistani government is carrying out operations of their own and blaming the US. Either way, I'm just glad we have these things flying around that no one knows who is responsible for. Nine people were killed. Two were definitely terrorists. The rest…who knows? Probably military-aged males that are just like the drones: unaccounted for.


Ex-heads of the DEA want the federal government to nullify state pot laws. Maybe they can use drones? Be a good play on the word “high,” at least.


Okay, so maybe I'm going too far. Or was a drone spotted next to JFK yesterday?


There's another major advance in medical technology that will create a sort of “Google Map” for the human body, allowing researchers to see how specific parts of the body work together, get a broader view for a big picture, and figure out how genes and cells interact.


The Supreme Court will hear a case against drug companies; a woman took a generic drug and was forced into a medial coma after nearly two-thirds of her skin sloughed off. It represents a massive case for Big Pharma who could be held responsible for the outcomes of their drugs (which begs the question, they aren't already? No.) This is a major step, particularly in the wake of TIME's magnificent piece “Bitter Pill” which exposes the extremely high profits made by the medical industry at the expense of people and health. Hopefully, they get taken down a peg.


Last week, democratic Senator Robert Menendez was accused of having sex with a prostitute by several right-wing blogs. He looked a bit loony getting worked up over the blogs. Turns out, he had every right to because the woman was paid to say the two had sex. Politics…


The US is denying reports of a mass hunger strike at Guantanamo Bay.


Jeb Bush, former sanest member of the Bush political family (and GOP, actually), has reversed course and moved to the right of just about everyone, saying he doesn't believe a direct path to citizenship should be available for illegal immigrants, in his latest book. Good luck with that next election, whenever it is, wherever it may be.





Gunshot wounds and deaths cost Americans $12 billion per year in court fees, hospital bills and insurance. That's not just people who are directly affected, either. Insurance premiums rise for everyone, Medicare/Medicaid pays for much of the damage, and courts are taxpayer funded. An interesting tidbit: drunk driving used to be much higher on this list until societal campaigns denigrated the practice publicly. But now we have the NRA 500 in NASCAR. I bet Budweiser is pissed.





Rick Ross isn't ashamed and he has the music video to prove it.



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