Good Morning: The Knicks Are Living In La-La Land, And Things Aren’t Good There Either

Mike D'Antoni told Lakers fans to find another team to root for if they weren't happy, then apologized before his Kobe-less squad lost by six to the Miami Heat.


Blake Griffin was absurdly ejected on Christmas Day after getting caught up with Andrew Bogut. Griffin was not happy following the 105-103 loss.


You may have noticed special Christmas Day jerseys. Beno Udrih wasn't a big fan. What did you think?


Here's the latest move the Knicks are trying to make to get Rajon Rondo, plus the three-and-a-half year plan that, apparently, will land them a title soon. Delusional.


The Seattle Seahawks are currently the favorites to win the Super Bowl, ahead of the Denver Broncos.


Michigan State suspended two-time All Big Ten LB Max Bullough for a violation of team rules and will miss his final game in the Rose Bowl.


Here were all the NBA highlights from Christmas Day.




The United States sent weapons and missiles to Iraq to combat al-Qaeda forces.


A recent poll shows 2/3rds of Americans think this years Congress was the worst ever.





Lupe Fiasco released "Piru Blues."