Good Morning: Rutgers Players Defend Mike Rice

Did Tim Pernetti create a “Keep Tim Pernetti” Twitter account? By the way, two Rutgers players came out in defense of Mike Rice.


Auburn has hit back at a story alleging widespread use of synthetic marijuana on the 2010 National Championship team. They provide a list of facts and references to prove their point. Wonder why they haven't been able to do that with any of the accusations about paying players?


The Oklahoma City Thunder took down the Spurs while Tony Parker sat on the bench with an injury for the final seven minutes of the game. The 100-88 win brings OKC just a half-game back from the top spot in the West.



Mariano Rivera gets his first save of the season following his ACL surgery last season. Derek Jeter is targeting a May 1 return date.


Dez Bryant announced he has signed with Jordan Brand.


DeMarcus Ware says it's put up or shut up time for Tony Romo.


Ed Rush has resigned as the head of officials for the Pac-12 following his “joke.”


Tony Gonzalez says he returned because Atlanta has a great team. If they really had a great team, wouldn't they have more playoff wins?


Michigan's Trey Burke was named the AP Player of the Year.


Former Baltimore Ravens linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo thinks his gay-rights comments were the reason he was cut.


Lionel Messi and Dani Alves keep the ball going in the air more than 30 yards apart.



Andre Iguodala nails the game-winner in Denver.



Nate Robinson’s game-winning floater gets the slo-mo treatment.





More than 60 gang members in Harlem were arrested after quoting Rick Ross lyrics as threats or to show off about past crimes on social media.


Here's's next album cover.



Go behind the scenes for Beyoncé's new Pepsi commercial.



Tyler, Earl and Domo Genesis perform “Rusty” on Letterman.





James Holmes – the Aurora, CO shooter – had homicidal thoughts and was considered a danger to society by his therapist who reported him to the local police. In the five weeks following that report, Holmes amassed his arsenal.


For the first time, the majority of Americans support legalizing marijuana.


Kids help Michelle Obama plant the White House garden.


The House is preparing a bill that will enable immigrants to earn work permits and citizenship. It's just going to take 15 years longer than anticipated by the Senate or President. Seriously, 15 years? 


The largest oil refinery in the United States just received a $10 billion expansion and is owned by…wait for it…Saudi Arabia. That is definitely going to end well.





FreshDirect is a grocery delivery service that is clogging up traffic and adding pollution to the South Bronx, as people attempt to bring high-quality food to the area and promote local business. Citizens of the Bronx wanted help from environmental activist Majora Carter, viewed as a hero of the BX, but Carter – as she has become prone to do – allied with the big company, possibly for the money and platform. Another interesting story about what happens when you make it and how people see you differently after success.





Danny Brown wants you to express yourself this weekend.



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