Good Morning: Phil Jackson Is Eyeing A Return To The Bench

Sources told that Phil Jackson is "itching" to return to the NBA. He's waiting for the right fit and may also be interested in the Pat Riley-godfather role.


The LA Lakers were guaranteed to make the playoffs once the Jazz fell to the Grizzlies, but managed to beat Houston in overtime to clinch the seven seed in the West. They'll face San Antonio, while Houston will take on Oklahoma City.


Boston fans did their thing, singing the national anthem at full blast before the Bruins game. Goosebumps.


Stephen Curry broke Ray Allen's single-season mark for three-pointers as the Warriors beat the Trailblazers.


AJ Burnett took a no-hitter into the 7th inning as the Pirates blanked the Cards.


Travis Hafner hit a pinch-hit homer in the 8th inning to give the Yankees a win over Arizona.


The Brewers are taking a chance with K-Rod.


Chip Kelly says the distinction between the 4-3 and 3-4 defense is now outdated.


Brittney Griner and other top picks in the WNBA draft discuss sports and sexuality, and Griner subtly says she's already out.


Tim Tebow's coach took some shots at Mark Sanchez and the New York Jets.


David Stern says a vote on the Sacramento Kings is still a few weeks away.


Several NBA players may have been involved in an $18 million scam.


Was Michael Jordan sick or poisoned against the Jazz? Ask his trainer.


The Timberwolves ended their 16-game losing streak in San Antonio. Derrick Williams with the jam.




Beyoncé and Jay-Z are officially hip-hop's first billionaire couple.


Wiz Khalifa and Curren$y will be releasing the highly-anticipated follow-up to their collaboration on the How Fly mixtape on 4/20.


Big Sean talks family in his latest video blog.


De La Soul samples some Wu-Tang on their latest, "Get Away."


MMG's Rockie Fresh and Gunplay team up for "Rollin'" from Rockie's upcoming mixtape, Birthday Tape.


Logic, recently named to the XXL freshman class, spits over some classic Outkast on his latest release.


LL Cool J has some new music, this time featuring Monica, not Brad Paisley.


Another release from the fallen J. Dilla, as his "Trucks" gets remixed and remastered.





A fertilizer plant in Texas exploded, leveling several nearby buildings, killing several and injuring at least 150 people.


The FBI arrested a man in Mississippi in connection with ricin-laced letters mailed to a senator and to the White House.


The United Arab Emirates arrested seven Al Qaeda members for an alleged terrorist plot.


John Kerry advocates a recount in the recent controversial election in Venezuela. 


North Korea is now ready to talk, but first they have a lot of demands. 





The Senate failed to pass a background check bill approved by nearly 90 percent of Americans. President Obama called it a "shameful day for Washington" and urged citizens to make their feelings known at the voting booth. He also said the gun lobby willfully lied about the bill to make sure it didn't pass. Oddly enough, Fox News only covered his speech for 17 seconds. Looks like Phillies closer Jonathan Papelbon was one of the dopes who believed the misinformation. BTW, here are the Twitter handles of the Senators who voted against it. 

Meanwhile, Kansas passed the most pro-second amendment law in the country.

This picture pretty much summed up the mood from everyone outside of Congress.





Funk Flex just dropped a ton of new music on his mixtape, Who You Mad At? Me Or Yourself. Here's a selection.



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