Good Morning: Peyton Manning Spanked The Defending Champs

Peyton Manning touched up the Baltimore Ravens for seven touchdowns in the NFL Kickoff show at Mile High. The final score was 47-29, which should have been extended by Danny Trethavan, who dropped the ball before the end zone on his way to a pick-six. We also saw the emergence of Julius Thomas, and Manning knew exaclty what was coming.

The Ravens didn't look very sharp on either end of the ball, as QB Joe Flacco threw two interceptions while the defense missed its leaders, Ray Lewis and Ed Reed. Baltimore also lost Jacoby Jones to injury after a rookie mistake on a punt return.

We also learned that NFL players get patted down before every half. 



Mariano Rivera blew a save against the Boston Red Sox, who went on to win the game 9-8 after a classic 4 hour and 32 minute marathon between these two teams. Get ready for three more.


Jacoby Ellsbury could cost the Red Sox $100 million to re-sign.


Apparently, Ryan Braun is personally calling season ticket holders to apologize for his PED use.


Brandon Phillips injured his quad.


With Roger Federer now "losing to mere mortals," will Rafael Nadal go on to become the greatest player of all time by evening out the number of titles, currently at 17-12?


Andy Murray was swept out of the US Open by Stan Wawrinka. He will face Novak Djokovic in the next round.


Here are five things to look out for this week in college football, including whether Jadeveon Clowney will eat Aaron Murray alive on Saturday evening. 


Kevin Garnett says he would have retired had Paul Pierce not joined him in Brooklyn.


Jamal Crawford said he's certain Eric Bledsoe will be a star in the NBA.


A couple of high school coaches got into it after a game. 





J. Cole released a trailer for his upcoming tour with Wale.


Here is some behind the scenes footage of Meek Mill's video shoot with Nicki Minaj, Fab and French Montana. 





Drone strikes killed six in Pakistan.


Prisoners in LA ended their two month hunger strike, as many were collapsing and needed medical attention. There were around 100 remaining in a protest that began with 10,000. Those who were forced to eat vowed to continue their strike, as they have not yet received concessions on solitary confinement. 


Ford unveiled its car of the future, which communicates with devices and other cars.


World leaders at the G-20 summit in St. Petersberg are siding with Vladimir Putin on Syria.


The NSA and it's British counterpart GCHQ have cracked encryption codes. From the Guardian.

• A 10-year NSA program against encryption technologies made a breakthrough in 2010 which made "vast amounts" of data collected through internet cable taps newly "exploitable".

• The NSA spends $250m a year on a program which, among other goals, works with technology companies to "covertly influence" their product designs.

• The secrecy of their capabilities against encryption is closely guarded, with analysts warned: "Do not ask about or speculate on sources or methods."

• The NSA describes strong decryption programs as the "price of admission for the US to maintain unrestricted access to and use of cyberspace".

• A GCHQ team has been working to develop ways into encrypted traffic on the "big four" service providers, named as Hotmail, Google, Yahoo and Facebook.


LG had some fun with their latest commercial.





Rick Ross released a track from his upcoming album, Mastermind.