Good Morning: ‘Melo Dropped 50 On Miami

The New York Knicks beat half the Miami Heat yesterday – with Wade, LeBron and Chalmers all taking another night off – but Carmelo Anthony ensured victory for NY, dropping 50 points on the way to a 102-90 final score.




Kenyon Martin did what half the NBA is probably hoping for the chance to do. He banged on Birdman Andersen.




Kobe Bryant couldn't help himself. On the night the Los Angeles Lakers remembered Shaq by retiring his jersey, Kobe dropped a triple-double to crush their eight-seed competitors, the Dallas Mavericks.



Yu Darvish was one out away from a perfect game against the Houston Astros, but Marwin Gonzalez, hitting in the 9-hole, knocked a single up the middle to break it up.


Nnamdi Asomugha signed with the already loaded San Francisco 49ers.


Kevin Ware has been released from the hospital.


Mark Cuban says he would draft Brittney Griner.


Colt McCoy doesn't want to talk about the Cleveland Browns.


A soccer fan in England missed his first match in 40 years, ending his run of 1,786 games.


Former NBA player Javaris Crittenton has been charged with murder and gang-related activities.


Notre Dame and Louisville advanced to the women's Final Four.


Rio de Janeiro's stadiums are not ready for the 2016 Olympics, but were supposed to be Olympic quality back in 2007.





Kurupt and Snoop reminisce about their Death Row days.


GZA went to a New York High School to teach kids about science while using hip-hop as a catalyst.



Henry Rollins and Pharrell chat about music.



Kid Cudi announced that he left G.O.O.D. Music on the radio yesterday. He also released album snippets from his upcoming album, Indicud, which now makes even more sense.


Talib Kweli takes part in a discussion about hip-hop, centered around Beyoncé and Rick Ross.





Connecticut lawmakers are set to vote on America's most-restrictive gun laws, including upping the ante on background checks and magazine clips. Meanwhile, an oft-cited statistic about background checks is under scrutiny.


The bird flu has mutated and has recently been found in poultry, making it easier to transfer to humans.


Here's the first look at a sinkhole that claimed one life in Florida.


Why America desperately needs to rethink its failing rehabilitation model.





Schools in Memphis, TN are starting to see an improvement with Tennessee's newly founded Tennessee Achievement School District, which has a goal of taking the schools in the lowest five percent and bringing them up to the top 25 percent within five years.


It doesn't come without problems. Many of the original teachers have been let go, replaced by college kids from Teach For America.


“They don’t understand black folk,” said Sara L. Lewis, a member of the merged Memphis and Shelby County School Board. “They don’t understand our values or events in our history.” Ms. Lewis said taking away students’ shoes, for example, evoked connotations of masters who did the same to punish slaves.





Meek Mill drops “G5 Freestyle” though he didn't specify where we might see it appear.



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