Good Morning: Kobe Wants The Final Word And He Usually Gets It

Kobe Bryant says he wants the "final word" with Dwight Howard before D12 makes his decision about where to play basketball next season. Bryant also hopes to be ready for the 2013/14 season and says he won't reveal his retirement plans because he doesn't want a farewell tour. "I want that competition," said Kobe. 


Norris Cole, Jeff Pendergraph and Flo Rida's manager all got ejected from last night's Game 7. The Heat won by one of the largest margins in a Game 7, this deep into the playoffs, in nearly 20 years.




J.R. Smith is likely to opt out of his contract, but re-sign with the New York Knicks.


David West says he can't see himself leaving the Pacers. Paul George is hoping for a max contract.


Reps for Lionel Hollins have contacted the LA Clippers about their head coaching vacancy. 


The Green Bay Packers are tabling an extension for BJ Raji and will let him play out his rookie contract before attempting to re-sign him.


Former Indianapolis Colts WR Austin Collie says he'll sign a waiver to play football again after suffering several concussions.


The struggling Houston Astros managed a four-game sweep of the LA Angels. 


Hal Steinbrenner says he's been disappointed with Alex Rodriguez. Outside of Boston, who hasn't been disappointed with A-Rod?


A top college football recruit revealed one coach said he would get to meet Michael Jackson if he signed.


This doesn't need much set-up, aside from "be careful what you wish for."




Action Bronson is the newest member of TDE.


Here are Will Smith's biggest box office bombs.


Joey Bada$$ shared a verse from his upcoming mixtape, Summer Kights.


Curren$y revisits last years album, The Stoned Immaculate, and has a new video for "Sunroof" with Cornerboy P.


Chance the Rapper drops a video for "Acid Rap."




Protestors in Turkey decry the "unprecedented" violence used by the government in power to try and quell the protests. A member of the government has apologized for injuries sustained by some of the protestors.


New cancer drugs use the body's own immune system to help fight off cancerous cells.


John Kerry is making his first trip to Latin America as Secretary of State, to discuss counterterrorism and counter narcotics with 35 nations on the continent.


Connecticut passed a law requiring food companies to label food that has been genetically modified, but the law will only take effect if several other states pass similar measures to avoid undue burden on small businesses in the state. Fortunately, the bill looks like it will pass in more states in the new future.


An Israeli start-up found a way to help the visually impaired read as well as walk around. That's right, blindness may have been healed in Jerusalem. I'm just saying.


An American woman was gang-raped in India while attempting to hitchhike back to her house.


Russia would like Steven Seagal to be the face of it's weapons industry. 


Black Americans are four times more likely to get arrested for marijuana possession than white people despite testing that shows similar levels of use 





The scalping market has long confounded economists, but sports teams and artists are figuring out a way to slow down the practice significantly. The first is setting a more accurate price for tickets, meaning re-sellers are less likely to buy them. The second is StubHub. NYTimes looks at the science of scalping.

The impact is already being felt on the street. Outside the Petty show, one scalper told me that, back in the ’80s and ’90s, he made more than $70,000 a year reselling tickets. But now he is lucky to clear $30,000. “A $300 night is a home run now,” he said. His business has suffered tremendously since 2007, when New York State legalized ticket reselling and helped supply meet demand. “StubHub is killing us,” he said.





Rick Ross rapping about luxury doesn't really get old. This time he gets some help from Jadakiss. Smooth.


Ross also announced that MMG would be releasing Self Made Vol. 3 on August 6th.


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