Good Morning: Kobe Doesn’t Lose To Minnesota

The Lakers have won 21 in a row against Minnesota. In case there was any confusion about how last night was going to go, here's how Kobe opened the show. Lakers won, 116-94.



Joakim Noah scored 23, grabbed 21 boards and blocked 11 shots to lead the Bulls past the fading 76ers.


The Virginia Cavaliers – led by Joe Harris' 36 points – took down Duke at home, 73-68.


Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong Un: Friends for life.


Robinson Cano has so far been unimpressed by the Yankees' “significant” offer for a new contract.


Champ Bailey won't be switching to safety.


Mario Balotelli is not, in fact, getting a statue of himself.


An Iraq vet who lost part of his leg during the war tried out for the LA Dodgers.


CP3 scored the final eight points to lead the Clips to a 99-91 win over the Pacers.





Tyler, the Creator sits down with Fader to discuss getting older, leather clothes and his upcoming tour.


After denying initial rumors, 50 Cent now says he's open to a G-Unit reunion.


Joey Bada$$ is now the Creative Director for Ecko. Check out what he's up to.



KiD CuDi drops a single from his upcoming album, Indicud.



Another Kanye show, another rant. This time, he hates on brands and loves on creativity.





A double-car bombing in Iraq has killed five.


The weird story of Bob Woodward, The White House, Politico and threats – only a small part of which is actually important: the sequester. Here's what will happen if the sequester takes place.


Those devastating consequences are what the Tea Party wants to happen, calling it a 'significant victory'.


35% of people under 30 with student loans are more than 90 days late on payments.


The story of a grieving mother who fought Facebook for access to her dead son's account so she wouldn't lose all of his memories, but lost. She's now campaigning for an update to the laws.





A fascinating discussion on inequality and social mobility.





Snoop Lion has a documentary coming out. You're gonna want to peep this.



He also dropped a new track with Daz and Kurupt, “LA Here's 2 U”.





Brooklyn producer Bit Funk modernizes A Tribe Called Quest's “1nce Again”



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