Good Morning: Kobe Bryant Is Out Indefinitely

Kobe Bryant left Wednesday night's 96-92 loss to the Atlanta Hawks with a severely sprained ankle, though X-rays were negative. The Lakers announced that Kobe would be out indefinitely and that it, obviously, hurts their chances to remain viable in the race toward a lower playoff seed in the Western Conference standings. It's like this squad can't get out of its own way, or win for losing. 

Here's the play.

There seems to be a dispute between Kobe and Dahntay Jones on what exactly caused the injury, whether he landed on Jones' foot and twisted the ankle, or if he turned it on the floor. 






Before Kobe went down, he put in a 20-point third-quarter performance that included this crossover move to the basket.

The Miami Heat extended their winning streak to 20 games with a narrow win against the Sixers. That makes them only the fourth team in NBA history to win 20 straight in a season. This is what LeBron James had in mind for his fourth dunk of the first half.

Not to be outdone, Jrue Holiday tied the game late by putting LeBron on the business end of the highlight.

The seven Catholic schools in the Big East are expected to announce new members of the conference within the next seven-to-10 days. 

Derek Jeter took the field for the first time since breaking his ankle at Yankee Stadium in October. 

Former Jets safety LaRon Landry landed a four-year, $24 million deal with the Indianapolis Colts. 

Apparently, Lance Armstrong is still talking to anyone who will listen. He's hoping for a Bill Clinton-like redemption story. G'luck with that, man. 



Raekwon and Talib Kweli are your surprise headliners at SXSW, today

More Justin Timberlake on Jimmy Fallon last night, this time with Steve Carell poking fun at his N'SYNC bandmates. Hat tip to Vulture for this compilation of highlights from the late-night scene. 

Rumor has it that Jay-Z and Kendrick Lamar are working together on Jay's next solo record

Converse linked up with the head of the Taylor Gang.



T.I. and the Grand Hustle Entertainment family have this video for "Addresses." A regular day in the streets with the KIng. 


The new pope begins his first day on the job.

Hugo Chavez's handpicked successor Nicolás Maduro is apparently like a chip off the old block. He's already smack-talking his rival in the April 14 election, Miranda Governor Henrique Capriles, saying the dude is of "doubtful manliness." Don't usually hear it put that way.

A shooting at a barbershop in upstate New York left four dead and two wounded. As a suspect, cops are looking for a 64-year-old loner with an axe to grind. 

With the ongoing rape trial for the Steubenville teens, the conversation about consent is far from over. But how culpable is someone who's in a position to stop a rape but doesn't?

Not only is racism a societal ill these days, but new studies are showing it could make one mentally, emotionally and physically unhealthy.



The housing market is still facing serious challenges in its road to recovery. Data from RealtyTrac shows that more U.S. homeowners were hit with new foreclosure filings in February, 10 percent more than in January, but still 25 percent less than a year ago. 



Here's Mathematics with "Face the Problemzz."

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