Good Morning: Joe Johnson And Justin Tucker Dominated Monday

Joe Johnson went nuts in the third quarter of the Nets-76ers game, scoring 29 points while tying an NBA record with eight threes in a single quarter. The Nets won 130-94 and have now won three of four.


Justin Tucker kicked a 61-yard game-winning field goal in the fourth quarter to give the Ravens 18-16 victory on MNF.



Rex Ryan says he's the man to coach the Jets.


Bradley Beal scored 21 points against the Knicks, including a layup with six seconds left that gave the Wizards a 102-101 victory in New York.


The LA Clippers finished up a seven-game road trip by flexing on the Spurs, winning 115-92 against the reigning Western Conference champs. 


LeBron James got ready for Miami's showdown with Indiana on Wednesday night, nearly dropping a triple-double as the Heat defeated the Jazz. The Pacers, on the other hands, were dealt a surprise 101-96 loss by Detroit.


Here were the best plays from last night's NBA action.




Target is feeling super salty that Beyonce released her album without telling anyone and now refuses to sell it. Anyway, she also put out a video for "XO," perhaps her way of throwing up the deuces, because her album is the fastest selling album in iTunes history.


Chris Brown drops a track with Wayne and French called "Loyal."



Congress may have finally come to a budget agreement, with just enough conservatives voicing support to perhaps get something done for once. 


Edward Snowden wrote a letter to Brazil offering them help and protection from the NSA in exchange for asylum. He may also have succeeded in bringing down the system he so hated, as a judge ruled harshly against the NSA's spying program.


Taking multivitamins and supplements is a waste of money. 


Casey Neistat is a filmmaker who was assigned to make a video project to promote The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, but instead took the money and helped people in the Philippines. Awesome.




Kid CuDi dropped a new track for an album he says we'll only know about 24 hours before it drops.