Good Morning: Jason Kidd Picked Up a T In His Coaching Debut

Phil Jackson had some thoughts on Dwight Howard signing with the "Astros," while Shaq chimed in with some thoughts on the "little town" of Houston.


Jason Kidd had his first day of "summer school" with the Brooklyn Nets, picking up a T in his very first game as a head coach.


CP3 discusses resigning with the LA Clippers and says he's "excited" to return and work with Doc Rivers.


Trey Burke struggled in his Summer League debut while Victor Oladipo did his thing. 


The Cleveland Cavs are interested in Andrew Bynum.


Urban Meyer says it is "wrong and irresponsible" to blame Florida's coaches for the Aaron Hernandez charges. There were 31 occasions in which Florida players were arrested during Meyer's tenure from '05-'10. 


The New England Patriots offered fans a free jersey exchange for unwanted Hernandez jerseys.


The Phillies took 2/3 from the Braves this weekend, leaving the franchise unsure if they should buy or sell before the July 31st trade deadline.


Manny Ramirez went 1-3 in his debut for the Texas Rangers' minor league affiliate. 


Kevin Durant got engaged to Monica Wright of the WNBA's Minnesota Lynx. Congratulations all around.


Seven thousand fans turned up for Richard Sherman's celebrity softball game which featured several Seattle Seahawks teammates. 





The Brooklyn boys of the Pro Era released a track for their fallen member, Capital STEEZ, in honor of his 20th birthday.


Kanye West has partnered with French designer A.P.C. and has a collection coming out on July 14th.


A Beyonce-only version of "Part II: On The Run" has emerged from Jay-Z's




A small airplane in Alaska crashed, killing all 10 onboard.


Facebook has a new search function that allows for more advanced searches, allowing users to search for basic, generic information and displaying which friends match a given search. It has cited some privacy concerns and the future of the company may depend on its success.


Edward Snowden has two or three viable options for asylum in Latin America.


Dozens of supporters of ousted Egyptian President Morsi were killed in Cairo.


Here is a very detailed article about why Congress is so bad, how bad it is, and if it will get better or worse.





The New York Times discusses the racial backdrop of the George Zimmerman trial, and why it hasn't really been brought up.

“There is no question that race is the 800-pound gorilla in this trial,” said Ed Shohat, a Miami lawyer who is also a member of the Miami-Dade County Community Relations Board. “But if you overplay that card either way, you lose with the jury. You have to let the jury come to its own conclusion.”

Zimmerman's defense witnesses will take the stand this week.





Jim Jones remixed Daft Punk's "Get Lucky."


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