Good Morning: Floyd Mayweather Picks Canelo Alvarez As His Next Opponent

    Floyd Mayweather announced he will fight Saul "Canelo" Alvarez on September 14th. Alvarez has been connected with Mayweather for several months, but few inside the boxing world expected that the two would meet in September. 




    Mired in a slump, the San Francisco Giants drop their third in a row to the Oakland A's.


    The recent hiring of Julie Hermann at Rutgers highlights the problems with using outside search firms to get the right person. That bill cost New Jersey taxpayers $70,000. Still, search firms are used for almost every major hire and this is a rare bad miss.


    JJ Watt says the Texans have the Super Bowl in their sights. Eric Berry's goals are slightly smaller, and he's eyeing the playoffs for Kansas City.


    After multiple forearm surgeries, Rob Gronkowski now needs back surgery.


    Broncos WRs say Peyton Manning's arm is stronger.


    Matt Hasselbeck praised Andrew Luck's leadership.


    Karl Malone will be working with the Utah Jazz's big men. 


    Though a lot has been made of Roy Hibbert's impact on the Eastern Conference Finals, the emergence of Lance Stephenson has caught the Heat off guard.


    Derek Jeter was able to remove his protective boot and played catch at Yankee Stadium.


    The USMNT lost to Belgium in a friendly, 4-2.


    Elgin Baylor is auctioning off some of his memorabilia. 


    Quincy Pondexter landed a date with Miss Tennessee over Twitter.


    The two guys who pranked NFL GMs over the phone and sold the tape are up for federal wiretapping charges. Yeah, make an example of these two idiots, clearly intent on bringing America down. What a joke. 





    Justin Timberlake will headline the sixth annual iTunes festival in London that will be streamed to Apple devices.


    Emails show AEG's concern for Michael Jackson's health before his ill-fated comeback tour.


    Big Boi needs knee surgery and is postponing the rest of his tour dates.


    Miguel performed live again, this time without kicking anyone.





    President Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping will meet next week to get to know one another, with the hopes of growing together in peace and cooperation.


    Al Qaeda fires its terrorists via letter.


    Charles Ramsey, the Cleveland hero, wants nothing to do with these companies offering him free things, saying he didn't give anyone permission to use his name.


    Letters to NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg contained ricin.


    Nasdaq has been fined $10 million for their assessment of the Facebook IPO, which was horribly wrong.


    Rand Paul wants the US to stay out of Syria.


    Twenty-five Tea Party related groups have filed suits against the IRS for their targeting of conservative groups.


    Because who doesn't need their hunting rifle to also be able to take out bank robbers?





    A recent report shows that the state of New Jersey gave upwards of $24 million in welfare money to more than 22,000 people behind bars who are ineligible for welfare. The money oversight is shocking, and appears to come mostly from incompetence rather than fraud.





    YG collabs with A$AP Ferg on "Click Clack."