Good Morning: Dashon Goldson Gets Hit With A Suspension Uppercut 

Bucs safety Dashon Goldson was suspended for next week's clash against the Patriots for his illegal hit against the Saints. Meanwhile, Darrelle Revis and coach Greg Schiano are butting heads. Hmmm, looks like a pattern for Schiano.


Is the balance of power shifting in the AFC North? The Cincinnati Bengals certainly hope so after last night's 20-10 victory against the Pittsburgh Steelers. RB Giovanni Bernard rushed for two scores, as the young players came through for the Bengals. The Steelers fell to 0-2 after the loss.


Brandon Lloyd gave up his NFL career for acting and will appear in a straight-to-DVD zombie movie with Daniel Baldwin. He has, thus far, rebuked all offers to return to the NFL.


Titans RB Shonn Greene had arthroscopic surgery on his knee and could miss a week or two.


Tim Tebow fans held a rally in Jacksonville to try and get the Jags to sign him.


Padres' starter Andrew Cashner lost a perfect game in the 7th inning. He finished with a one-hitter and a complete game shutout.


The LA Angels are surging in September, knocking off Oakland's Jarrod Parker for the first time in almost four months. As for the Angels' run, well, it's simply too little, too late.


Mets pitcher Matt Harvey is the latest case study for scientific research to determine the max velocity in which a human being can throw a ball. The study concludes there is a limit to how hard we can throw a baseball, we have already reached it, and that throwing too hard is a cause of injury.


A streaker hopped over the Texas Rangers' dugout and literally tried to steal second base.


Future Hall of Famer Todd Helton will retire from baseball after 17 seasons.


Floyd Mayweather issued an apology for an Instagram photo mocking Oscar De La Hoya's rehab stint.


The Colorado football team helped serve food to victims of the rampant flooding in their state once their football game was suspended last weekend.


Nebraska coach Bo Pellini apologized for his latest expletive-laden tirade directed towards fans and reporters.


Lou Holtz flipped the podium and walked off after losing a debate to Mark May about Texas coach Mack Brown. The good ol' boys network is real. (warms up at 2:30)





Danny Brown released a trailer for Old, which comes out in two weeks.


FakeShoreDrive dug up an unreleased Kanye West feature from 2002.


True Master drops a track with Ghostface Killah and Raewkon.




A Russian woman offered to adopt Edward Snowden, but other than that, he's been relatively incognito in his new land.


Almost 1 in 10 high school seniors engage in extreme binge drinking.


A UN report confirms use of sarin gas in Syria and implicated, but did not outright confirm, the Syrian government.





Aaron Alexis killed 12 people and wounded another eight at a Naval Yard in Washington D.C. yesterday, beginning at 8:20 am. Alexis was a former military man who worked on Naval Yards across the country this summer without any reported issues. He was twice questioned in shootings, once for shooting out someone's tires in a "blackout fueled rage," and another for shooting through a neighbors wall after she was too loud. He was discharged from the Navy following that incident.

PTSD is reportedly on the table as a reason for the shooting. Other than that, the FBI doesn't really have any leads. Friends say Alexis was quiet, learning Buddhism and embraced its nonviolent path. 

The 12 people murdered in the shooting were long-time employees, and a mixture of civilian and military contractors. 

Alexis used an AR-15 in his attack, the same gun used in Sandy Hook and Aurora, CO.





R. Kelly released his latest "freaky sex jam."


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