Good Morning: 2.15.13

    LeBron James scored 39 points with 12 rebounds, but shot “only” 58 percent from the field to narrowly miss extending his ridiculous streak to seven games. He wasn't too worried about it, as the Heat cruised to a 110-100 win over Oklahoma City.




    The Grammys ended and the Clips and Lakers were allowed to return to the Staples Center to face each other. The Clippers dominated, led by Chris Paul's 24 and 13 dimes, 125-101. Kobe Bryant says he's getting tired of joking.




    DeAndre Jordan shot the worst free throw ever.


    If it's any consolation, Kobe, MJ picked you over LeBron James.


    The 2013 McDonalds All-Americans were announced last night.


    Atlanta Falcons GM Thomas Dimitroff puts the chances of Tony Gonzalez returning at 50-50.


    Washington Redskins GM Bruce Allen says it's “ludicrous” to suggest the team will be changing its name.


    With one more victory, Serena Williams will reclaim the number one spot of women's tennis, becoming the oldest player to do so.


    Here are the top five plays from last night's NBA action.





    Tyler the Creator plans to release his second album, Wolf, on April 2. He dropped "Domo 23," his first video for the album, last night.




    Chris Brown and Drake are both being sued for their fight in club W.i.P last year. Neither want to pay up, so the two are now suing each other. Can't we settle this in the studio? Come on.


    Nicki Minaj shut down the internet with her ass on Valentines Day.


    Future and Young Scooter team up on “I'm Good” for a part of Chris Paul and LowKey's NBA All-Star weekend mixtape.






    President Obama held a Google+ Hangout yesterday, discussing a wide array of topics with his constituents. One stay-at-home mom managed to ask him a better question than 60 Minutes.


    Here's the full chat.




    Chris Dorner's remains have been positively identified.


    Check out what Atlanta is doing with old railroad tracks and abandoned lots. I live on the BeltLine. It's awesome.


    Is this leaked photo an image of the next Sony PS4 controller?


    Swedish scientists studied what happens to fish when they get high on discarded fish. I assume they turn into candy.


    Iran may be using China to import nuclear materials.


    The NRA is trying to keep you safe: Here are five things you'll need a gun for.




    President Obama will speak in Chicago today to discuss gun control. The Atlantic wonders if the President will get to the root of the problem in such a public forum: Institutional racism and poverty.




    Big KRIT is working on his next mixtape K.R.I.T. and released "Reign On," the first track from the project.