Good Morning: 2.13.13

“The incredible greatness of LeBron James” continued, last night, as LeBron set an NBA record by scoring over 30 points with better than 60 percent shooting from the field in six straight games. Chris Bosh added 32 points and 11 boards to give the Miami Heat their 1000th regular season win as a franchise, beating Portland 117-104.



Don't look now but Michigan State is beginning to make moves. They routed rival Michigan last night, 75-52 and, according to coach Tom Izzo, played “about as well as we can.”


Florida also turned in an impressive performance against Kentucky, winning 69-52, but the story of the game was Nerlens Noel's extremely painful knee injury. The star freshman could be heard screaming in pain 50 rows up in Gainesville, and appears to be lost for the season.


Kobe Bryant scored four points on 1-8 shooting with eight turnovers, but the Lakers were able to beat the Suns, 91-85. Dwight Howard's 19 points and 18 rebounds led the way for the Lakers after he ditched the headband. Will Ferrell provided security for the game.



Rudy Gay hit his second game-winner in three games for the Raptors, taking down the Nuggets 109-108. DeMar DeRozan did this to Timofey Mozgov, aka the Human Poster.



Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson is preparing to try to keep the Kings from moving to Seattle.


Royce White finally made his debut in the D-League.


A student who was allegedly beaten and robbed by Alabama football players, spoke out yesterday.


The San Antonio Spurs have joined the Brooklyn Nets in the chase for Josh Smith.


Catch the NBA highlights from last night, including Rudy Gay's game winner.





Chamillionaire drops a single from his upcoming EP, Elevate.




Beyoncé premiered her upcoming documentary “Life is but a Dream” last night, in NYC. Oprah was impressed.


Rihanna premiered her video for “Stay” following her impressive performance at the Grammys.





President Obama gave his State of the Union speech yesterday, in Washington D.C. Obama was inspiring, direct and urged Congress to get something – anything – done to help America not only move forward, but catch up to other parts of the world who have surpassed America in education and manufacturing. The President also spoke about gun control, cybersecurity, environmental issues, and the economy and war. (He also snuck in a bi-partisan exploding fist bump.)


It was a tough speech to follow, though Marco Rubio and Rand Paul attempted to do so. Paul spread the blame around, while Rubio was noted mostly for his goofy sip of water mid-speech.


Chris Dorner may or may not have been killed yesterday, in Big Bear, California. Dorner was believed to be in a building that was, eventually, engulfed in flames following a shootout that killed one police officer. However, a body has yet to be recovered, though some outlets report human chars were found in the remains. It could be days before it's possible to identify the body.




Understanding Power takes a look at power and coercion in today's society, and why some groups have it and some don't. The most interesting and poignant nugget: Power is all relative to how much a person or group gives it.




A fascinating and disturbing story on an Australian man who was killed in an Israeli prison named “Prisoner X”. The Israeli government has attempted to keep all stories on Prisoner X silent through censors, but social media has kept the story going. It is a modern-day spy tale that Israel is doing a horrible job of covering up – and you know that's always worse than the actual crime.




Check out the behind-the-scenes on Joey Bada$$'s “Unorthodox”. Very detailed, very cool.



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