Good Morning: 12.7.12


No 'Melo, no problem for the Knicks. They stomped Miami 112-92 on the road thanks to a three-point barrage, lead by Raymond Felton who scored 27.


OJ Mayo's 23 points and last-minute field goal gave the Mavs a win over the struggling Suns.


An anonymous Detroit Lion badmouths Ndamukong Suh and others on the team for their attitude.


Andrew Bynum was spotted shooting hoops…at Dave & Busters.


Jeff Fisher anticipates a full discussion of Roger Goodell's floated proposal to get rid of the kickoff in February.


Discussion is already picking up on David Stern's idea to eliminate intentional-fouling at the end of games. Mark Cuban spoke out, arguing a team should not have an advantage for a lack in fundamentals.


Rex in, Tannebaum out for the Jets? Norv Turner and AJ Smith do not appear to be so lucky.


The Yankees have offered Kevin Youkilis a $12 million contract, though Youk is also considering an offer to reunite with Terry Francona in Cleveland.


Dennis Rodman is in the hole $500K in child support.


Why doesn't anyone want the Tennessee job?


Tom and Gisele give birth to their second child.


Go admire LeBron James' cell phone background.


Harry Reid compares the Republican Party to the New York Jets. Sounds about right.




Big Sean discusses his new adidas “Detroit Player” Pro Model II with Complex.



Rick Ross recently cancelled his upcoming shows in North Carolina, possibly as a result of a Youtube video from the Gangster Disciples below (NSFW)



He doesn't appear too worried on stage.



Nicki Minaj's manager wasn't pleased about Nicki getting snubbed from the Grammy noms.





Speaker John Boehner and President Obama met behind closed doors at the Speaker's request to try and get a fiscal deal finished soon. The President holds all the cards, as House GOP members are looking for ways to save face. Republican Jeb Hensarling says, “The President is going to get his revenue, one way or another,” as the GOP looks to be waving the white flag.


How do you know the GOP is desperate? Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell dared Democrats to take a vote in an attempt to weaken the President's position in negotiations. The problem for McConnell? Democrats took his dare and McConnell was forced to filibuster himself.


The recent votes to legalize marijuana in Colorado and Washington have federal officials scrambling, and give President Obama a tough decision on the next steps.


The SEC is going after Netflix executive Reed Hastings for posting a Netflix announcement to his Facebook page, with close to 250,000 subscribers, rather than via press release. Come on old heads. Time to wake up.


Golden Spike, an American company ran by former NASA executives, announced manned space flights to the moon by 2020. Ticket costs expected to be measured in Romneys.


Mo Yan, the Nobel winner for literature, says censorship is as necessary as airport security.



Over 2,000 people are gathered at Pearl Harbor to remember the attacks that occurred 71 years ago. Veterans recall the day it happened as TIME analyzes the aftermath.


This story was written on the day of the attacks, but was considered too graphic for the time. It is released for the first time today.



New John Legend from the Django Unchained soundtrack, “Who Did That To You." 




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