Good Morning: 12.5.12



The Washington Wizards managed their second win of the season yesterday…against the Miami Heat. The Heat have been suspect defensively so far this season and were exposed. Or maybe it was just because RG3 was in the building.


Rajon Rondo wasn't in the building, nor was he in the country, during his two-game suspension.


Josh Howard's first double-double in three years gave the T-Wolves a 105-88 victory over the 76ers.


But, more importantly from Minnesota:



Auburn once again keeps their head coach in the family, hiring former assistant coach Gus Malzahn. Arkansas picked up Wisconsin's Bret Bielema.


Anderson Varejao may be on the trading block and could be an ideal fit for the Celtics.


Yardbarker is reporting that A-Rod is considering hanging up his cleats after surgery. File this under: Believe it when I see it.


Andre Johnson racked up a huge bill on toys for foster kids in Texas.


Hall of Fame quarterback Bart Starr collapsed on stage in Wisconsin yesterday, but appears to be ok.


Johnny Manziel is a redshirt freshman.




The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show aired last night, with performances from Rihanna, Justin Beiber, and Bruno Mars. Catch all the performances here.



Drake formed his own record label, OVO and has signed with Warner Bros.


Hip Hop remembers Pimp C on the fifth year since his passing.


Forbes named Eddie Murphy the most overpaid actor in Hollywood. A couple other names on the list you might not expect, too.


Alicia Keys' Girl on Fire topped the charts yesterday.


Trina celebrated her birthday at Mansion in Miami




Cory Booker will spend the week on food stamps to better understand how New Jersey's assistance program works.


Facebook has opened up a vote on it's newest privacy settings.


Check out 2012 in pictures. Stunning.


Tales from a Syrian rebel soldier by the name of Sniper.


A new study details how the brain is impacted by concussions and how they lead to brain injury.



If you take a picture, are you watching and absorbing what's going on around you or focusing on your camera? The New Yorker says goodbye to now.



Earl Sweatshirt's video for “Chum” was released by VEVO, apparently without consent from Earl. If it's any consolation, Earl, we love it.


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