Good Morning: 12.27.12


LeBron James scored 27 points as the Heat handed the Bobcats their 16th straight loss. A columnist from Charlotte then tried to say that 16 losses in a row isn't really that bad because the Bobcats made "nuanced progress." I have a song I think you should hear.


The NFL announced the NFC and AFC Pro Bowl rosters.


Tim Tebow clears the air about his situation with the Jets. It's incredible how he's gone from mythical being to getting trashed to invoking feelings of sorrow (from others, not I, go Dawgs). Let the man play.


Several Seahawks were at a bar when a shooting occurred last weekend. The players brought people into their VIP area to protect them during the mayhem, acting valiantly amidst the chaos.


The Atlanta Hawks blew a 22-point lead in the fourth quarter, but managed to get it together to beat the Pistons in double OT.


Jarvis Jones needs just one and ½ sacks to pass David Pollack in Georgia's record books. Pollack will be calling the Georgia/ Nebraska game as Jones goes for sack number 14 on the season. The Cornhuskers received a boost ahead of the game, as NT John Jenkins was ruled academically ineligible for the Bulldogs.


Dwight Howard is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, players in the league, but rather than try and play legit defense on Kenneth Faried, went straight for his dome. Flagrant 2. Later.


J.R. Smith was busy, too. After a hard foul on Goran Dragic, he nailed the game-winning shot falling down in Phoenix, as the Knicks beat the Suns without Melo or Ray Felton.







VH1 counts down the 50 hottest twitpics of 2012. Rihanna wins, obviously.


Spiderman is about to change forever: Peter Parker meets his demise in the 700th Spiderman comic.


Kim Kardashian will make her acting debut in Tyler Perry's latest film, Confessions of a Marriage Counselor.


Lady Gaga's work for her upcoming album, ARTPOP, is being filmed by Terry Richardson and will be released as a documentary.


Lil' Flip was booked for possession of marijuana after being caught for speeding. He was also carrying an assault rifle.


CyHi the Prynce released a new video detailing his favorite things.




According to the Death Penalty Information Center, Florida sends the most inmates to death row. Texas remains on top of the list, however: the Lone Star State still puts more inmates down than any other state.


Thousands turned in their guns in L.A. at buyback events.


Starbucks cups in D.C. will now come with “Come Together” written on the side in an effort to encourage members of Congress to deal with the fiscal issue. Is this cool or depressing?


This bus driver tried to navigate flooded streets in California and fails miserably.


WaPo describes how the wealthy skate on taxes.




The FBI heavily monitored the Occupy movement, utilizing counterterrorism resources to do so.


"These documents show that the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security are treating protests against the corporate and banking structure of America as potential criminal and terrorist activity."


Further, the Senate recently dropped a provision in a recent bill that would have forced government agents to obtain a warrant to search through our emails. They currently only need a subpoena, which simply requires that the information “would be useful” in an investigation.


Essentially, if you'd like to organize peacefully against this country without being treated like a terrorist, as is our Constitutional right, you'd better have carrier pigeons.




Meek Mill spent his Christmas break giving away Christmas gifts and absolutely destroying Cassidy on a track. This battle may not be over, but it's over.



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