Good Morning: 12.13.12

Roger Goodell is considering expanding the NFL Playoffs from 12 to 14 or 16 teams. Because now that there are no more bounties in the NFL, they're totally safe from injuries caused by extra games.


Following Paul Tagliabue's findings in the bounty case, Drew Brees put the commish on blast, saying he has “little or no credibility” with players.


But hey, maybe Goodell can get some back if he reinstates Sean Payton. Sources tell that Goodell and the Saints have been communicating about Payton's return, and it's possible Goodell may allow Payton to return after the season but before the Super Bowl. The Saints are 5-8. Thanks Rog!


Mariano Rivera tells the Yanks he'll be ready by opening day.


Ricky Hatton, recipient of one of Manny Pacquiao's most viscous knockout blows, advises Pacman to retire.


The Celtics clipped the Mavs in double OT, led by Paul Pierce's 34 points.


There was a rush on weddings for 12.12.12, including, apparently, Amar'e Stoudemire and Alexis Welch.


Josh Brent's alcohol level was .18 when he hit a curb and flipped his car, killing teammate Jerry Brown.


Patrick Peterson has declared he'll show the world who the best cornerback in the NFL is against Megatron this Sunday. The problem is, you'll have to watch the Lions play the Cardinals to find out. If a tree falls in the woods…


We're going back-to-back videos, Daily Show style. First, Draymond Green and LeBron James exchange words. Bold move, rook.



But who gets the last laugh?





Chris Brown reportedly took his pimp game to Paris for some risky business with Rihanna.


Kanye headlined the 12.12.12 concert for Hurricane Sandy relief last night. Ye performed over 10 songs to cap the night.



A$AP Rocky pled guilty to larceny yesterday. Community service coming his way.


Check out this $5 million watch Beyonce reportedly bought Jay-Z. One hint: Hublot.


Police have arrested two men who had plans to kill and castrate Justin Bieber in New York yesterday. The story is disturbing and weird.


360 gets the crowd jumpin' over this J. Cole production. Video switches between a live show and the studio.




Paul Krugman discusses the massive environmental problems China poses and will continue to pose as they continue to flatten mountains and cut trees.


A judge sealed testimony from 9/11 prisoners in Guantanamo Bay who described their experiences at the prison. Witnesses at the court weren't even allowed to hear it directly, as they were kept in a “censorship chamber” that allowed an officer to muffle sound on a 40-second delay. Apparently, it was done in fairness to the trail. The Senate is also weighing whether to released a 6,000 page report on the CIA detention and interrogation program that began after 9/11.


Here's why they won't release it: The upcoming movie, Zero Dark Thirty, depicts scenes of torture that supposedly lead to the capture and killing of Osama bin Laden. Top senators deny that torture was involved and says the movie is misleading, but the conversation about torture still took place and it didn't go very well for torture. If a dramatized version of the plot to kill America's most hated went down poorly, the real thing is going to be a big problem for the government. At least, I hope it will.


Apparently, you can't hail a cab using a smartphone in New York City yet. Hopefully that'll change soon. It's so easy.


But, if they don't, and you have an iPhone, at least your Maps will finally work.


Soon, we'll all be minorities: New census data reveals there will no longer be a “majority” race in the U.S. by 2043.


Michigan is going wild with right-wing measures. Earlier this week, Michigan became a right-to-work state amid protests from union workers, and yesterday passed an anti-choice bill with significant measures to make it difficult for women to get access to healthcare, including giving doctors the right to refuse care due to differences in religious beliefs.


Japan scrambled fighter jets after surveillance spotted Chinese aircrafts entering their airspace, heightening tensions between the two nations.


Rich people are getting the hell out of socialist France.




There are some major changes being discussed in internet security, privacy and monitoring. It could also give countries the power to charge companies for simply being in their country. This is going to be the most important debate of 2013. It will shape our future forever.




Freddie Gibbs, fresh of his split with Jeezy, drops an unexpected collab with Sasha Go Hard.


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