Good Morning: 12.12.12



The Knicks avenged their overtime loss to the Nets last night, winning 100-97 courtesy of Carmelo Anthony's 45 points and Jason Kidd's ridiculous 3-pointer late in the game.


Walt Frazier had no love for Kris Humphries.


Michael Jordan played one-on-one with Michael Kidd-Gilchrist and Gerald Henderson in practice yesterday.


Sam Bowie lied to the Trailblazers in 1984, telling them he felt no pain in his knee before they drafted him. If he had told the truth, MJ probably gets drafted first, and history drastically changes.


The Yankees officially signed former Red Sox nemesis Kevin Youkilis to a one-year deal. Yanks must be really worried about A-Rod.


Amir Johnson was suspended just one game following his temper tantrum on the court.


Mike D'Antoni got a little testy with a reporter asking about the Lakers' defense. I'd be a little testy, too, if Anderson Varejao was doing this in the paint.


And here's a Blake Griffin alley for good measure, on the way to a seven-game winning streak for the Clips, their longest streak in 20 years.





Big Boi and Kelly Rowland performed “Mama Told Me” on The View.


Paul McCartney will fill in for Kurt Cobain tonight in a concert in New York City. Nirvana is taking the stage for the first time in 20 years to help raise money for Hurrican Sandy relief. The concert will feature many stars, including Alicia Keys, The Rolling Stones, and Kanye West.


Bridget Kelly, Special Delivery


Young Jeezy inked a deal with Atlantic Records on the same day Rick Ross moves MMG from Warner to Atlantic.


JoJo covers Andre 3000's “Prototype.”



Las Vegas has seen a surge in weddings on 12/12/12.


Questions loom over whether Speaker Boehner will be able to sell a fiscal deal to the GOP, but first, Boehner and President Obama need to agree upon something concrete, and appear to be struggling to decide where spending cuts will come from.


Meanwhile, many top executives have ended their opposition to higher taxes, with one stating, “That's the only thing that allows a reasonable compromise to be reached.” Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


U.S. Border Patrol agents discovered a new drug-smuggling strategy along the Mexican border: a cannon, in a year full of surprises from Mexican smugglers.


North Korea launched a satellite into orbit, just a few months after an embarrassing failed launch, sparking controversy in the region.


Rick Perry: “My goal is to make abortion a thing of the past.” Didn't you see the election, Rick? You're a thing of the past, and so are those attitudes.



Homework a thing of the past? That's the plan in France, anyway, after President Hollande announced plans to do away with it. Could it work in America?




Young Jeezy and 2Chainz join forces to kill the club. Jeezy's mixtape, It's The World, drops today.




Ab Soul drops “four minutes of fire.” Enjoy.


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