Good Morning: 11.8.12



Kobe Bryant was not happy during last night's game, and Mike Brown was given a vote of confidence.


The Miami Heat gave the Brooklyn Nets a major reality check, while the Clippers handed the Spurs their first loss of the season.


The Knicks took down a string of sexist ads lining Madison Square Garden.


Props to Grantland for hacking Tim Tebow's Gmail account.


Neither college nor pro sports anticipate relaxing their drug rules after Colorado and Washington both legalized marijuana.


The Yankees are expected to ask Mariano Rivera to take a pay-cut.


Celtic managed to stun mighty Barcelona yesterday in the Champions League.


Check out LaVoy Allen of the 76ers trying to pick up Stacey Dash on Twitter.


Lou Williams bangs on Tyler Hansborough as the Hawks beat the Pacers in Atlanta.





Joe Biden is coming to Parks and Rec.


Photos from last night's Victoria's Secret fashion show.


A$AP Rocky has been invited along on Rihanna's “Diamonds” tour. Apparently his moves at the VMA's paid off.


R. Kelly becomes Randolph from Trapped in the Closet




This local news reporter really needs to listen to more hip-hop.





New York got hit with a Nor'Easter while dealing with the effects from Superstorm Sandy.


Between 11 and 11:30 p.m. On Tuesday, every major TV network called the race for President Obama, Fox News included. Despite this, Karl Rove protested, saying he didn't think the race was over. It was. His error leaves questions about his role in the media.


Top Republicans claim they are ready to talk compromise. We'll see.


After becoming close with Mitt Romney, Israeli President Ben Netanyahu is now rushing to become friends with President Obama again.


The same is happening on Wall Street, as lobbyists will be forced to reconcile with the President after backing Romney.


New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo dismissed his chief of emergency management yesterday, who deployed government workers to clear a tree from his driveway during the aftermath of Sandy.





The support for gay marriage and gay rights on Election day shows how times are changing in America, as well as the changing typical notion of family.





Fabolous has a mixtape coming out on Thanksgiving, but released the first track from the tape, “For the Love” last night. Jam.





The Lady Gaga and Kendrick Lamar collab we feared would never see the light of day, after the two stopped working due to creative differences, has finally seen the light of day. Re-jam.


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