Good Morning: 11.30.12



The Atlanta Falcons intercepted Drew Brees five times en route to a 23-13 victory. They also snapped Brees' touchdown streak.


Brees, though, still says the Saints own the NFC South.



Ray Allen hit a late three against the Spurs to push the Heat toward victory.


The Spurs weren't your typical Spurs, however, as Gregg Popovich rested most of his starters in an apparent F U to the schedule makers.


Rondo was hit with a two-game suspension for starting a scuffle against the Nets.


Adrian Peterson overslept, missed the team bus and had to take a cab to Soldier Field last week.


A new judge may be leaning against the NFL in the bounty case.


Apparently, David Wright wants to stay with the Mets for awhile.


John Gruden is reportedly mulling a contract with the Tennessee Vols with the lone holdup on staff pay.


If he accepts, he won't be joined by Monte Kiffin who will pursue opportunities in the NFL. Would make for a great reunion, though.


The freshmen phenoms at Kentucky still have work to do after losing to unranked Notre Dame, 64-50.



At this point they're just trolling us.


Pusha-T announces his next album title.


Redman goes off:




A panel of climate scientists for the United Nations stated there is at least a 90% chance the current climate changes we are experiencing are man-made.


The Atlantic looks back at economic trends and analyzes just how devastating poor economic decisions can be.


George Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin's killer, is now selling his autograph to raise money.


Palestine is now recognized as a state courtesy of a vote by the UN, a measure opposed by the US.


Now, Palestine and Israel must find a new way forward for peace.


Hillary Clinton unvield a global plan for an AIDS-free generation.


President Obama is taking the fiscal cliff discussion to the public.




The era of tax cuts may now be over.




The Game has been dropping tracks every Sunday but decided to let one go early this week for his birthday.



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