Good Morning: 11.21.12



The Knicks destroyed the Hornets last night, led by 'Melo's 29 points in 28 minutes.


Mike D'Antoni oversaw his first game as Lakers' coach, a win over Brooklyn.


Ed Reed's suspension has been overturned and will instead be fined $50,000.


Jack Taylor of Division III school Grinnell dropped 138 points yesterday, obliterating the record on the way to a 179-104 victory. Faith Baptist Bible's David Larson scored 70 in the losing effort.


The Indiana Hoosiers passed their first test, winning the Legends Classic after beating Georgetown in OT.


Hector “Macho” Camacho was shot in the face, but is expected to survive the attack. Nine lives.


According to a former teammate, “I've never met a player in the league who likes basketball less” than Andrew Bynum.


A map of the most popular sports by country.


Andrew McCutchen has come a long way.


Bill Simmons goes off on NHL commish Gary Bettman: If you want to talk about moratoriums, Gary, here's a better idea — step down and give us a lifetime moratorium. From you.


DeMar DeRozan ran the length of the court to finish off this alley





Elliot Wilson describes what life was like on the Rihannaplane.


Keri Hilson traveled to Nigeria for a show. No one else did.


Ashanti joined Keyshia Cole on stage for a show in NYC for Keyshia's upcoming album, Woman to Woman.





Israel is preparing forces for an invasion of Gaza after heavy activity on both sides, with civilians, children and journalists all bearing the impact in addition to the forces.


Israel's anti-missile defense system, known as the Iron Dome, has been very effective in minimizing casualties.


But at some point, Ed Husain writes that Israel is going to have to talk with Hamas instead on continuing their hard-lined approach.


The Church of England voted against allowing women as bishops, and Prime Minister David Cameron isn't pleased.


Banker Kweku Adoboli has been convicted of fraud in the amount of $2.3 billion.


The almost death of Twinkies shows just how poor labor relations are in the U.S. When will employees and employers learn that they're really on the same side?


Ecstasy has been shown to help with brain trauma, particularly in cases of PTSD.





Grantland had a couple of great NBA features yesterday: one on the New York Knicks' gambling, the other on bad owners and why the Buss family may be worse.





Maybe Frank Ocean, who sat down with GQ magazine to discuss his roller coaster 2012 and incredible talent.





Wiz dropped a track from his upcoming album, O.N.I.F.C., “The Bluff” with Cam'Ron.







Lotta Wiz on Good Morning lately. Let's mix it up and slow it down.



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