Good Morning: 10.17.12

Justin Verlander has a miniscule 0.74 ERA in the postseason, and continued his dominance against the Yankees last night, extending Detroit's lead to 3-0 in the ALCS.

Kobe Bryant put in a call to A-Rod to try and help him with his massive slump. “I think the difference is, [A-Rod] sometimes forgets he's the best… I don't.”

He certainly doesn't when he's on the court with young Lakers, as this year's crop of rookies are finding out.

James Harrison revealed he has suffered double-digit concussions during his career, which drove him to new helmet technology he says works well. So, good for 18 games then?

Tyrann Mathieu may be in more hot water with the NCAA.

Northwestern will have a mandatory pregame nap on Saturday. Yeah, me too.

Asante Samuel blasts his former team and coach on Twitter, but shows love for Philly.




Tyga bought a new $6.5 million mansion. Rack city.

Katt Williams was arrested last night for possible gun charges.

R. Kelly's Trapped in the Closet returns on Black Friday.

Lupe Fiasco recalls an alien encounter from his childhood.




President Obama fired back at Mitt Romney last night, constantly putting his challenger on defense with virtually every answer.

Several insta-polls gave President Obama the victory, a much needed comeback for Obama.

However, a new Gallup poll shows Mitt Romney leading in several swing states, largely due to women voters.

The fact-checkers were busy last night.

Exercise improves school performance for kids with ADHD, according to a new study. This is somewhat astounding in that no one thought of this before? Is this serious? We gotta do better than that.

A man in Virginia aimed his gun at elementary school kids for making fun of his Confederate flag.

Three white kids put on black face paint and reenacted Chris Brown beating up Rihanna at a high school pep rally.



A new study reveals Americans are more skeptical about climate change than ever, despite almost consensus agreement from the scientific community. The right-wing conspiracy to create doubt has worked.

“During the same five-year period in which peer-reviewed believers outnumbered deniers 928 to zero, 53 percent of major newspaper stories gave airtime to “both sides” of this scientific “debate.” That’s like giving “both sides” equal time to debate the question of whether the law of gravity exists.”



Wiz Khalifa dropped Cabin Fever 2 in anticipation of his upcoming album O.N.I.F.C. Juicy J kinda steals the tape with this one though.



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