Good Morning: 1.4.13

J.R. Smith is absolutely ballin' out this year. His top ten plays of this season will be off the charts, probably led by this reverse alley.


Stephen Jackson wasn't as fortunate. He missed a three-pointer, took a step back, fell over a courtside waitress who was serving Mayor Bloomberg at the time, and had to leave the game injured.


Oh, and the Knicks snapped San Antonio's seven-game winning streak.


The Oregon Ducks crushed Kansas State in the Fiesta Bowl, 35-17, and now the NFL awaits Chip Kelly.


During the game, a one-point safety occurred. What? Yeah. Just watch.


Rex Ryan has a tattoo of his wife wearing nothing but a Mark Sanchez jersey. Ho. Lee. Sh*t.


LeBron James missed practice yesterday, but still hopes to play against Chicago tonight. And Udonis Haslem wants to be called Django in 2013.


You've seen the ESPN Body Issue, but have you seen the average-fan from Chicago celebrating their sports teams in the nude? Better question: do you want to?


Phil Jackson and Jeanie Buss are engaged. Check out the ring.


T.O. has been ordered to work eight hours at Goodwill for failing to pay child support.


Why aren't more teams interested in Lovie Smith?




Frank Ocean was cited for pot possession. Yawn.


Drake got a better tattoo than Lil' Wayne.


Shocker: J. Cole is pushing back Born Sinner.


Here's T.I. on Jimmy Fallon.


Azealia Banks and Angel Haze are beefing. Catch up on it here. Listen to it here.


Kendrick Lamar will be performing on SNL on Jan. 26.


The photographer who died trying to shoot Justin Bieber has brought up tensions between paparazzi and celebrities.


Kevin Hart went on Jay Leno last night. He talks Kim and Kanye at the 9:20 mark.





I can't.




Speaker John Boehner won reelection in the House despite Republican dissent following the fiscal cliff deal and his debacle with the Sandy relief bill.


The Atlantic goes over myths about guns and gun control. They also delve into the conservative discussion of why Mitt Romney lost, including a deeper look at GOP philosophy.


Joe Biden pushed for immigration reform, stating that Latinos are “the center of the nation's future.


Three officers were wounded in two separate shootings in New York.




Kid Ink is feeling like the man of the hour on his latest, featuring Wale and Meek Mill.


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