Good Morning: 1.29.13

President Obama expressed concerns about the NFL and football's safety in general, but players for both the 49ers and Ravens disagreed with Obama's comments.


LeBron James was giddy to be at the White House. Awesome.




Charles Barkley does the weather in Arizona.




Derek Jeter began testing his left ankle in workouts yesterday.


Rudy Gay dropped 26 points – including the game winner – despite trade rumors linking him to Toronto to give Memphis a road win against Philly.


Louisville held on to beat Pittsburgh thanks to a lot of missed free throws and turnovers from the Panthers.


Of course the New York Jets are considering JaMarcus Russell.


Mario Balotelli may be heading back to Italy during the January transfer window. Also, some dudes peed on his car.


The D-League affiliate of the Dallas Mavs, appropriately named The Legends, is looking into signing Allen Iverson.


Isaiah Thomas floats in the game-winner for Sacramento against the Wiz.




Harrison Barnes can't stop throwing down on people.





Details – or rumors – about the fight between Breezy and Frank Ocean are emerging, and Frank may be pressing charges against the polarizing singer.


CB has turned to Jesus during these trying times.


Tyler, the Creator will be featured on Miley Cyrus' next album.


Check out the dope tracklist for CyHi's mixtape.


Juelz Santana x Future. You know you're watching this.





President Obama is prepared to double-down on immigration reform as he heads to Las Vegas. The Senate has outlined a bipartisan plan which the President is expected to praise, but the House is also working on their own plan.


Obamacare will include higher premiums for smokers.


You can trust economists because economists aren't politically motivated according to economists.


Are Sarah Palin's 15 minutes (finally) over? How the one-election wonder took the world by storm and is now fading into the abyss.


Is the threat from Al Qaida over? Hardly. In fact, they will be around, stronger, for decades to come.




Streaming services like Spotify have changed the game – again – for musicians. Some already make chump-change from YouTube or iTunes, but Spotify makes even less money available to artists, so smaller-scale artists like Zoe Keating struggle to get by. Sean Parker, of Napster fame, believes Spotify will eventually attract enough users so more money is around for everyone.




You can't shake The Boss. Here he is with a remix of Kendrick's “Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe.”



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