Good Morning: 1.24.13

I feel a bit like I'm trolling the Lakers by continuing to note their slide into the abyss (ok, that might have been actually trolling) at the top of GM, but the fact is this is mind blowing. There are four 2013 All-Stars on this team.


The lede for this story really captures it well


Dwight Howard and the Lakers declared Wednesday's game against the Grizzlies the third beginning of their season. And like the other two seasons, it's not off to a great start.


Yes, the Lake Show loss to the Grizz on the road last night, their fourth loss in a row – despite airing grievances like it was Festivus before the game (I can't wait for the feats of strength between Kobe and D12). Dwight Howard re-injured his shoulder and did not return to the game. Maybe this will save Grantland's Bill Simmons from a coronary by finally forcing Pau Gasol to the Center position.


The Jets may try and trade Darrell Revis as they continue to crush the hopes and dreams of Jets fans everywhere, as is written in the owners manual (I assume).


The Miami Hurricanes destroyed the top-ranked Duke Blue Devils to climb atop the ACC.


Tom Brady's kickslide will cost him 10Gs. It also may have cost him the game, according to Ed Reed.


Colin Kaepernick is attempting to trademark “Kaepernicking”. If he's just trying to grab the phrase, I respect it, I guess, but he doesn't own kissing the bicep.


Novak Djokovic destroyed David Ferrer on the way to his second Australian Open final in a row. He'll face the winner of Andy Murray and Roger Federer. Sloane Stephens' run came to an end, falling to Victoria Azarenka.


Four members of the Washington Redskins were semi-Catfished.


If there is one link you should click today, it is this one: Chris Bosh with a wig and mustache singing karaoke.


Sammy Sosa says he and Mark McGwire belong in the Hall. I though he couldn't speak English?


Andre Iguodala can still fly




I promise you will never see a half-court game-winner this ridiculous ever again.





PSY racked up $8 million for YouTube clicks on “Gangnam Style.”


The comeback continues: Justin Timberlake has a pre-Super Bowl concert. Sadly, it's invite only.


N.O.R.E was ahead of his time and filmed everything he did from the '90s and '00s. Now, he's taken that footage and created a documentary, What What.




Kendrick Lamar's “Swimming Pools” went platinum. He also did his thing at the Hammersmith in London this weekend, and Black Hippie will headline the Paid Dues festival for independent artists.






Democratic Senator Joe Manchin III met with several business leaders in his district to discuss gun control, and discovered just how skeptical and anxious people are about the government, the second amendment rights and the effects of the proposed control measures.


Hillary Clinton shot back at critics with emotion and anger during a Senatorial hearing about the Americans who died in Benghazi, distancing herself from a direct role in the “misleading” she and Susan Rice have been accused of.


15,000 crocodiles have escaped a South African farm. Just FYI.


Paul Ryan still sucks.


Two idiotic and polar opposite moves in gun control: The NYPD is testing technology that would detect concealed weapons on citizens; California is set to distribute 14 semi-automatic weapons to schools in SoCal.


A fourth-grade teacher in LA was arrested under suspicion of sexually abusing 20 students.


The filibuster may see some changes soon in an attempt to make the Senate more able to accomplish something…anything…please.


North Korea has vowed to go through with a nuclear test, threatening the United States with a nuclear bomb in the process.




There have been a lot of questions about how Manti Te'o could possibly have been duped for so long by a fake online relationship. We'll find out more when his interview with Katie Couric airs today, but it's probably a combination of naivete, immaturity and ignorance. What teenager doesn't possess those traits in some form? But TIME goes in the other direction: What is going on in the mind of the person creating the fake profiles?




Absolutely fascinating look at the mentality behind the 47% claim Mitt Romney made famous during the Presidential election, and why the nonsensical argument is even stronger amongst those who believe it. Side Note: Can someone get this man on WordPress? Damn.




DJ Kay Slay with Raekwon, Sheek Louch and Styles P. That's a good Thursday.


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