Good Morning: 1.17.13

Oh, hello there. Not much to see here. Only that Manti Te'o's inspirational story of his girlfriend who got in a car crash and had leukemia was a hoaxDeadspin unveiled a massive report detailing how the hoax was pulled off in a Catfish-like scam. It is unclear whether Te'o was involved, but Notre Dame came out and went all-in, painting Te'o as the victim at a press conference last night. Te'o is expected to talk with the press today.

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Deadspin writer and co-author of the Te'o story Timothy Burke discusses the story on NBC.

SI breaks down what we know and what we don't know.

Reagan Mauia, fullback for the Cardinals, says Lenny Kekau is real.

Some unfortunate tweets from Te'o over the last few months.

Here are two Twitter users who joked about Te'o's fake relationship months ago.

Producer of Catfish, Nev Schulman, is now investigating Te'o's story, and has made contact with the woman involved.

If you're unclear about what the show Catfish entails, here's a look from CNN, who also look at how people get duped online.

How did this get past mainstream media? “Short of asking for a death certificate, I'm not sure what most people would do differently.”


LeBron James did his best to help out Te'o and get him out of the news by becoming the youngest player ever to reach 20,000 points. He also dished out his 5,000th assist on another historic night.


Here's video of LeBron's night, including a ridiculous half-court alley to get things going.


Chip Kelly made the “really tough” decision to leave Oregon for the Philadelphia Eagles – a decision that stunned recruits. What changed his mind? And can he convince UGA defensive coordinator Todd Grantham to leave college football with him? (PLEASE NO)


Serena Williams won her second-round match at the Australian Open. So did defending champ Victoria Azarenka.


Jeff Teague scored a career-high 28 points as the Hawks ended the Nets' seven-game winning streak. Lou Williams did this:


Carmelo Anthony stars in a new Jordan documentary Playing for the City That Made Me. Check part two here.


The Knicks fear Rasheed Wallace is done for the year. Pau Gasol plans to return for the Lakers against the Heat.


Kevin Durant absolutely destroys the rim in traffic.




Kim Kardashin went on Dave Letterman last night. The highlights: Kim told Dave he has to stop making jokes about her 72-day marriage. Kourtney, who also went on the show, said if Kim really was marrying for publicity, she would have picked someone people had heard of.


Kim also came out to clarify that she would not allow cameras to film her giving birth.


Check out the behind-the-scenes video from Beyonce's GQ photoshoot



A$AP Rocky is tweaking rap's rules by expanding the lyrical range. He also dropped a video looking at the making of “Pain."


Kendrick was flattered by praise from Nasir Jones.


Producer Brian Glazer, of 8 Mile and American Gangster fame, has secured the rights to James Brown's music for a biopic on Brown he is co-producing with Mick Jagger.


T.I. drops hints about a Grand Hustle album.


Joey Bad and CJ Fly decode “Hardknock”



A new documentary shows independent artists the path to success.




President Obama's gun control measures are going to have a tough time getting through Congress – especially with GOP leaders like Rick Perry, who came out and said prayer was the answer to stopping violence, not gun control.


The BBC takes a look at whether Obama's measures would work, and whether they can curb violent culture.


New York City's new gun control laws include tougher punishments for those committing crimes with guns. While this may be a deterrent, it will also put more people in prison for longer sentences, another issue that needs addressing. As this column points out, America has under 5 percent of the world's population but almost 25 percent of the world's prisoners.


Bombs targeting Shiite Muslims in Iraq killed 22.


Which way did the Taliban go? The New York Times spends a week with the Afghan army.




As fascinating look at haves and have-nots when it comes to Smartphones, extreme wage inequality, and the time at which America began viewing citizens as consumers instead of workers.




Ace Hood dropped Starvation 2 last week, and now offers up a cut from his upcoming album with Future and Rick Ross.





Meek Mill is working on Dreamchasers 3 and released a track with Gourdon “From Da Bottom”


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