Golden State Warriors New Arena Will Look Like A Vacation Resort

New stadiums are popping up like WalMarts in the suburbs. However, some franchises deserve it more than others. The Golden State Warriors' Oracle Arena is decrepit by NBA standards.

Oakland has been home to the Warriors for 47 years, but that will be coming to an end in 2017 when the Warriors pack up the moving trucks and cross the Bridge into their new downtown San Francisco arena on the bay.  I can't even front. I was always under the impression that Golden State was an actual California city until I found it was the official state nickname. Turns out the Warriors don't have an allegiance to Oakland or San Fran.

The only question is whether this new stadium can match Oracle Arena as one of the most raucous atmospheres in the entire NBA. At times, it looks like Steph Curry and Klay Thompson are dropping threes into a basket wider than the Pacific, so it makes sense that their new digs will be on a pier overlooking beside the Pacific Ocean. San Fran is losing the 49ers to Santa Clara, but they're gaining an NBA team. The plan is for this new arena to be Steph's home for the next decade, but Curry's lease is up in 2017. Like Deron Williams was the summer before Barclays' christening, Curry will be an unrestricted free agent the summer before it opens.

Peep the blueprints on their new stadium below. Aesthetically speaking, it may soon be the most attractive arena in the entire league.


Warriors arena  (Warriors)

Warriors arena  (Warriors)

Warriors arena  (Warriors)

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