Golden State And The KD Effect 

The unthinkable has taken over America and now the NBA.

Donald Trump is a serious candidate for President of the United States.

The quickest route to fame is starring in a ratchet reality TV show.

But most unfathomably, for the first time in 157 games, Stephen Curry goes without a made three-point field goal in Golden States 117-97 loss to a young, confident, cohesive and pesky Lakers squad.

In fact, Curry was 0-10 from three-point range. A guy who looked like he could hit any shot blindfolded, from any spot in the stadium, hasn’t been the same since his struggles in the NBA Finals.                                  

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Hes shooting career lows in field goal percentage, three-point  percentage and his rebounds and assists are down from his MVP season in 2016.

Klay Thompson didnt shoot much better, going 4-of-18 from the field. Neither looked as if they were enjoying themselves much. Its a shame that a team who won 73 games last season and was functioning like a well-oiled machine, has to try and find its chemistry and footing all over again.

Thus, the beginning stages of “The KD Effect.” 

It was unthinkable to most people that Kevin Durants presence on Golden State could do anything but make them unbeatable. Not that they wont reach that level eventually, but championship basketball is more about chemistry than anything once you know you have those bonafide ballers holding it down for the team.

Hitting the Kevin Durant lottery has made Golden State a more appealing team, but its done nothing to improve team chemistry or get them one step closer to defeating Cleveland in an NBA finals.

Durant has stepped into Oracle Arena and been anointed the man. Hes averaging the most points on the team (30 ppg) and hes taking the most shots per game (18.0). Im not sure that is what Steve Kerr envisioned when he found out another guy capable of getting 50 on any given night was coming to join an already loaded squadron of talent.

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All of the Golden State guys said all of the right things in convincing Durant to come join the worlds greatest aerial display. They were going to be the most unselfish team in league history and regain the championship. Durant was going to also try to fit his way into the mix, humble himself and be another part in the process.

Durant has lit it up as expected, but Golden State doesnt look any better as a team.

They look worse. Something is missing.

If Durant is going to be the No. 1 offensive option, he will have to take up more a leadership role as well. So far, all we’ve seen him do is talk junk with a sub and get his numbers. Hes not rebounding any better. It was assumed that Durant would have to do double digits in rebounding to make up for the defensive losses they suffered in the offseason. Hes never snatched more than 8.18 boards in a season and hes averaging just 8.0 a game this year.

The Warriors have already lost two of the six games they have played this season and they are being killed on the boards.  

KD came to Golden State because he had to carry too big a burden with OKC and supposedly Westbrook was inhibiting his game. Few people questioned KDs ability to scale back his game in order to finally get over the championship hunt. It was all about Golden State making him feel comfortable.

The problem is, KD is taking just one shot less than last season. Curry is taking about 3 less per game and Klay s offensive production has dropped by almost six points.  

Seems like everybody has made an adjustment except KD, and I dont think that was the plan.

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