GOAT Serena Williams Pulls Out Of 2018 French Open Due To Arm Injury

She was coming back from her pregnancy and seemed to be on a path to go very deep in the French Open once again, but on Monday morning, Serena Williams pulled out of the tournament before her fourth-round match with Maria Sharapova.

TENNIS.com on Twitter

BREAKING NEWS: Serena Williams has pulled out of her fourth-round match with Maria Sharapova due to an arm injury. Stay tuned for more information as news develops, and a report fro #RolandGarros. Confirmed by Mary Carillo on @TennisChannel

During her entire career, Williams has been dominant over Sharapova and tennis fans were looking forward to the 36- year old legend adding another chapter to their extremely one-sided “rivalry”.

Jaeda Laurez on Twitter

If I whip your ass every time we meet for 14 years straight, it’s not a rivalry. https://t.co/ktGpcUG5vR

Unfortunately because of Williams’ injury we won’t be able to see her continue her streak of dominance. It remains to be seen how serious this injury will be long-term.

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