The Giants Were Right To Bench Eli Manning ​

Eli Manning was going to have to hang em up eventually and we know the NFL is a business. After failing to make the playoffs in six of his final seven seasons and playing an amazing 210 consecutive games over a 14-year career that includes two Super Bowl MVPs and a Manhattan city street full of great memories, the Giants made the decision to bench Manning and start NFL failure Geno Smith, in effect ending Mannings illustrious career as a New York Giant and the most durable and consistently present QB in the league.

The emotion that has been expressed by fans on social media and the outrage directed at the Giants organization and second-year coach Bob McAdoo by the NFL community is largely a product of the disastrous 2-9 campaign and the unrest that has plagued the Giants locker room. 

Marshawn Lynch on Twitter

The @Giants benching Eli Manning for Geno Smith is almost as crazy as not running the ball on the 1 with a Super Bowl in the line

Former Giants were the most vocal on Twitter

Kurt Warner, who was replaced by Manning in 2004: Hes never done anything but show character and do the right thing. Shame on the Giants.

  • Former Giants lineman David Diehl: Im absolutely speechless. Ive watched every game & have sat through this rough @Giants season & this what you do to a man who has lead this team for 210 straight games.
  • Former Giants defensive lineman Osi Umenyiora: Eli deserves much better than that. Much better. Class person, class player. Thats absurd.
  • Former Giants running back Brandon Jacobs: Eli Manning youre always gonna be my QB. 2X Super Bowl MVP you cant make that st up bro.
  • Former Giants linebacker Carl Banks: I am very emotional about this Eli ST.. The guy who gave you EVERYTHING for better or worse NEVER missing a game and THIS how it ends?? Not #10! He deserves better, He gave is all when BETTER wasnt there for him.. and this is how it ends?? I hurt for him.

Local Radio blasted the Giants we well. 

Mike Francesa Ben McAdoo conference-explains benching Eli Manning, and Mike explodes on Giants WFAN

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The overreaction is understandable but we know that it was time for Eli to go. I’m a diehard Giants fan for life, but I’m not baffled by the decision. The Giants didn’t become one of the NFL’s shining organizations by falling victim to sentimental feelings and falling too far behind in the race towards Super Bowl excellence. 

When did fans get so damn sensitive. Would they rather the Giants have no plan B and then when Eli is totally done, be stuck with years reminiscent of when Phil Simms and Jeff Hostetler had moved on and Kent Graham, Dave Brown and Danny Kanell were QB Kings in NY. 

The Giants organization has paid Eli more than generously for his services and it’s time to transition into a new era where Eli won’t be behind center. The Giants are in a position to draft a very good quarterback for the future if they can lose enough games. Eli Manning would never be down with that program. It makes sense. 

Manning can move on to another team like Brett Favre, Joe Montana and his brother Peyton did and help a contender with all of the pieces needed for Eli to thrive to a championship level. 

His days as a a championship quarterback with this Giants team needed to be over and now it is over. It was going to happen eventually whether McAdoo was the coach or not. 

Emotions are high right now. Losing Manning is like losing a family member to New Yorkers and a large piece of their history. His age is an admittance of our aging process as well. And it doesn’t sit right with most nostalgic Giants fans. 

Eli can always come back and get his grand ceremony and bask in the glory of his shining career as the general of one of the NFL’s flagship franchises and the last Iron Man QB in NFL history. For now, business takes precedence over emotions and clouded thinking. That’s why executives get paid to make moves and fans pay to root. 

Sunday begins a new Era in Giants football and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop it. 

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