Get a First Look at LeBron James’ TV Show

The new LeBron James produced comedy "Survivor’s Remorse" is slated to premiere in October. Times to premiere at the very beginning of the NBA season, it stars Jessie T. Usher and Ronreaco Lee. The Starz show tells the story of professional basketball phenom Cam Calloway, a newly drafted young man in his 20s who is thrust into the glitz and glamour of celebrity after signing a multi-million dollar contract. 

Ronreaco Lee plays his cousin and confidant Reggie Vaughn.  The offering also stars Erica Ash as M-Chuck, the sister of Cam Calloway. Tichina Arnold has been cast as Cassie, Cam’s mother.

This is the second series with a predominately black cast that has been fielded by Starz this year. The other being the 50-Cent produced “Power” which stars Omari Hardwick.  Get a first look at the trailer below.  


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