Georgia Fires Head Coach Mark Richt

The Mark Richt era is over after 15 seasons at Georgia

Georgia announced that they’ve “mutually parted ways” with the coach after the Bulldogs finished the season 9-3 with a win over the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets.

Former Georgia star running back Todd Gurley and rival SEC head coach Nick Saban expressed disappointment and confusion with the decision.

“That definitely hurts,” Gurley said, per ESPN. “I heard that before [Sunday’s] game. I’m kind of pissed off. He’s just a great dude, great coach. Man, and I just hate to see that happen.”

“I don’t know what the world’s coming to in our profession,” Saban said. “I think when you win nine games, that’s a pretty good season.”

Georgia cut ties with a good coach, as Mark Richt finished his 15-year career at Georgia with a great 145-51 record and led the Bulldogs to bowl games each season. With many schools looking to fill recent coaching vacancies, including Maryland, you can guarantee that Richt will be hired immediately. 

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