Gators Clown Bulldogs in Red and Black

The Florida Gators have earned the right to be excited.

They've taken down LSU and South Carolina, the latter being of significant relevance because South Carolina beat the hell out of the Georgia Bulldogs.

Ahead of the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party, the Gators took out a full-page ad in Georgia's student newspaper, The Red and Black, straight up clowning the Dawgs. (Y'all are hurting for money that bad?)

Now, as a UGA alum, I didn't need much else to hate Florida. Tim Tebow was enough — and continues to be enough now that he's on my Jets. They also have the rare combination of Guidos and jean shorts that really make Gainesville the envy of no one.

But, sadly, the main thing they have is a dominant record against Georgia since 1990, losing only four times, and the way both teams are playing it doesn't appear a fifth is on the horizon. I'll have the Jameson by my side during this one.


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