Gabby Douglas’ Good Health Important To Fans

Gabby Douglas has defied many odds and overcome ailment, age and scientific probability to snatch Gold Medals in back to back Olympics, becoming the first African-American gymnast to do so.

When the diminutive giant was a no-show for the MTV VMAs a few weeks back, millions of fans were left wondering what happened to her. Some social media outlets even speculated that it was part of a larger protest that shed been planning, but that proved to be some opportunistic hyperbole.

Her fans were happy to know that Gabby is fine and according to her Final Five teammates who were in attendance and presented the award to Beyonce for Best Female Video and looking beautiful to say the least, Douglas was in the hospital suffering from an allergic reaction. Her publicist Lesley Burbridge later added that it was a mouth infection from a previous injury.

Gabby is back in the hospital tonight being treated for a seriously infected past mouth injury, her rep told The Associated Press. She continues to have deep swelling and adverse reactions to medications.

Shortly before the VMAs were to air, Douglas wrote on social media that  she had been discharged.

Although this happened some time ago, it was heavily trending on Facebook today, proving that Douglas is a huge celebrity and her Olympic performances have touched millions of people who wont easily forget about her in the upcoming months.

Looks like its time for another reality show, Gabby. Your name is still hot like fish grease.

This is the interview The Shadow League did with Gabby’s mom prior to the Rio Olympics, discussing her reality show that chronicled her improbable journey back to Olympic Gold.  

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