Tears Of Joy: Juwan Howard Returns To Michigan With Emotional Introduction

Welcome home, Coach Howard.

When Juwan Howard was announced as the new head coach of the Michigan Wolverines’ men’s basketball team, everyone applauded. Fans, the media and former Fab Five teammates alike all sung his praises while also expressing relief that the move could reunite, and heal, the wounded Fab Five team that captivated college basketball and the culture.

This was the team that represented so much to so many, one that everyone thought would always remain tight. Unfortunately, everything got in-between these young men, and their separation wounded everyone who watched their relationship sour.

But Howard’s return has given people hope that he, Jalen Rose, Chris Webber, Jimmy King, and Ray Jackson can come together and squash the beef that kept them apart. So far, it looks promising.

“I’m just so happy for him,” said Chris Webber when the news broke.

“I just gotta acknowledge this on national television. Those days are over,” Rose said on Get Up!. “Not seeing eye to eye. There will not be any disrespect to the program. There will not be any sideshows. There will not be any friction amongst the Fab Five. We’re about to all come together like Voltron and make sure we do what we gotta do to put us back on top of the map.”

It’s an emotional situation for sure, and some of those emotions came pouring out when Juwan was officially introduced as the Wolverines’ new head coach. Watch it below:

“Tears of joy.” cried the emotional Howard, who tried to gather himself at the podium to address the crowd which turned out to witness his welcome home.

“Last time I had a press conference in this building, it was 1994. I declared that I was going to go to the NBA.” said Howard. “Now let’s fast forward twenty-five years later….I’m back.”

Welcome home, Coach Howard.

You can watch the entire press conference below:

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