FSU Official Discusses Salacious Rumors Surrounding Jeremy Pruitt’s Departure

When Florida State defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt left Florida State, it appeared to be odd timing. Georgia is coming off of its worst seasons of the RIcht era and the defense is in need of a serious rebuilding project. FSU was the nation's No. 1 defense and won the national title. Unless Pruitt has the "Larry Brown" complex compelling him to live as a nomad, it just didn't make much sense—or he has the “Petrino Gene” and is angling for Mark Richt’s job. Back in 2003, Petrino interviewed for Tommy Tuberville’s head coaching job at Auburn behind his back while he was still an offensive coordinator there. UGA gave him a $350,000 raise, but he was expected to receive on from the FSU athletic department after coordinating the nation's No. 1 defense.

Or perhaps he’s like Petrino in another way. Later in the week, a rumor emerged that Pruitt departed Tallahassee because he was having an affair with a woman in the athletic department and that once his fiancée found out, she presumably gave him an option that included leaving town. Pruitt chose to leave town.

Jacksonville sports-talk radio host Rick Ballou discussed the potential affair on 1010 XL and on Thursday had an FSU athletic department official comment on the matter. What followed was an unintentionally comical sound bite.

Via Orlando Sentinel:

“I don’t believe Jeremy had any affairs, but if he did, that’s his business,” FSU senior associate athletic director Monk Bonasorte said on Thursday.

Bonasorte, a former FSU player, said he did not think a scandal led to Pruitt’s departure. He said his main reason for speaking on the radio program was to shoot down rumors that Pruitt had an affair with a woman in the athletic department.

“Jeremy, if he is a womanizer and if he’s out there on his own, he’s doing it between the hours of three in the morning and five in the morning because that guy works harder than anybody that I’ve ever known,” Bonasorte said. “He doesn’t go anywhere without a damn computer or looking at plays.”

That was nice of him to address the rumor and throw in a little humor as well, but the truth is that 3 to 5 a.m. actually sounds like the perfect time for an affair to take place. Hypothetically speaking of course. Either way, best of luck to Pruitt and his future wife in their new home.