From Paris To Poland | Top 5 NBA Stars With A Passion For Gambling

Some Polish fans might think that NBA players are a bunch of dunking and dribbling superheroes who don’t get fascinated by other things that make life enjoyable. 

But the truth is, players have many other talents and desires and also need a social life as much as they display top talent on the court. 

Some players spend time with family, some players like to party and socialize. Some of the players also enjoy gambling. Unfortunately, the NBA environment doesn’t provide a gambling outlet for players. 

For personal enjoyment, however, visiting the casinos during their leisure time allows players to exploit their gaming strategies and get rewards by staking their money.

Some of the players have a burning passion for gambling. We had a session with one of the gaming experts, Klara Czerwinska (view profile), who shared a list of some of the top NBA stars among Polish people, who also enjoy casino gaming.


Influence of NBA stars on online casinos

NBA stars have a huge following, so online casinos are always looking for them to become brand ambassadors. You may not come into contact with NBA stars as they play online on the platforms reviewed at kasyna online w polsce. However, you are most likely to find basketball-themed games that you can play in such casinos.


NBA stars with a passion for gambling

Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley is a star in the NBA arena as a former Hall of Fame player and member of the Legendary Inside The NBA crew on TNT. 

Opponents that have played against him will admit that Charles was almost impossible to defend.  He is intimidating, smart, and defensive on the court.

Charles Barkley isn’t only an NBA gamer. He’s a notorious big wig at the gambling spots. In fact, he’ll wager anything at anytime. He loves the competition and can’t find it anywhere else. 



In 2006, he was in the news and his fans were shocked when he admitted to losing  $10 million to the gambling machines. Also, Wynn Casino had to take him to court for failing to honor his bets amounting to $400,000.

JR Smith

He is among the top NBA players who have had various tales relating to gambling.  At some point, some thieves broke into his mansion and stole some valuables. Some of the things they took included a suitcase with money amounting to $15,000.

JR Smith is a former player of the Denver Nuggets, New York Knicks and Cleveland Cavs.  After the robbery inside his multi-million house, he was questioned by the police about the stolen money. He said it was his gambling money.

The story got the attention of many common folks worldwide, Poland included. It is not common to keep a suitcase full of money purposely for gambling in casinos.


Michael Jordan

Whenever Michael Jordan’s name gets mentioned, those who know him remember his legendary achievements. In addition, many people in Poland, including his fans, know him as a competitive personality both on and off-court.

He believes in achieving the best through his top-notch talent. He has not lost an inch of his competitiveness. His gambling stories are legendary and he enjoys playing at the Atlantic City casinos. He participates primarily in placing big bets on golf sports.



One legendary story has Jordan losing $1 million to a friend on one bet. Another pastime activity he considers is shootouts. He involves his former NBA teammates, and the game does not pose any security threats.


Charles Oakley

When you hear the name Charles Oakley, you will easily associate him with other NBA stars. Or the recent spat he had with his former New York Knicks team owner James Dolan. But another thing that the other fans do not know is that he is also a passionate gambler who spends most of his past time staking on games.

Even though he was a strategist at gambling, he also got some kicks from his former teammates. In 2000, he opted to shoot some dice with Tyrone Hill in a hotel room before the NBA finals. They went on to wager until it stood at $54,000. Oakley won the wager and was happy that the player paid his debt.

Antoine Walker

He is among the top NBA players who learned NBA casino gaming from his friend Michael Jordan. Problem is, Walker didn’t have the money Jordan had to compensate for major losses. He was actually banned from a bunch of casinos across the country for a while. 



Although, gambling is considered an amazing activity in Poland, it led to disaster for Walker. He played well until 2009 when he had to pay off his debt to over ten casinos. Before becoming an active gambler, his net worth was $100 Million.

By the time his gambling habit ripped through his personal life an dhe left the NBA, Walker got arrested and his debts had accumulated to $1Million. He is an example of how gambling can be consequential.

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