Two Years After Racism Protests, University Of Missouri Enrollment Plummets

In November 2015, The Shadow League gave a major shoutout to members of the University of Missouri football team, mostly black but with many white allies standing beside their teammates, who banded together to protest racial discrimination on campus.  

The catalyst for the protest was a disgusting act of harassment that involved a student scrolling a swastika on the wall of a common area using human excrement. Another incident, among others, involved Missouri Students Association president Payton Head, an African-American, being pelted with chants of “n*gger, n*gger” during a speech.

Student activist Johnathan L. Butler went on a hunger strike when university officials proved inept at finding the perpetrators. He then went to the football team, asking for support. They responded as admirably and nobly as one could expect young college students to respond.

In what is certainly a cultural rarity in college sports, the 30 protesters were supported by Athletic Director Mack Rhoades and then head football coach Gary Pinkle.  

The University of Missouri situation, explained

How a hunger strike and football brought down the University of Missouri administration. Subscribe to our channel! Correction: The video mistakenly refers to Jonathan Butler as Jordan – we regret the error. is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what’s really driving the events in the headlines.

Despite the progressive attitude of the football team and some administrators, the University of Missouri is still suffering from the major public relations hit it took for not addressing the incidents of racism appropriately in the first place.  According to the New York Times, freshman enrollment is down an almost catastrophic 35% in the two years since the protesting.  

Some may feel it’s because protesters and political correctness seem to hold sway over the campus while others believe the dip is due to millennial students who’re refusing to go their due to a culture of racism.   

30 for 30 Spike Lee’S Lil’ Joints 2 Fists Up

Spike Lee’S Lil’ Joints 2 Fists Up When University of Missouri football players threatened to boycott their game with Brigham Young University last November unless president Tim Wolfe resigned, they made news far beyond the sports pages and Columbia, Missouri.

Prior to the publicized racial incidents, Mizzou was growing with new dorms signifying the steady influx of students.  Now, budget cuts due to declining state funding and tuition loss has caused the institution to close seven dorms, cutting more than 400 jobs and leaving unfilled jobs vacant.  

As you may have guessed, the biggest drop was among incoming black freshman, 42 percent while the enrollment of white freshman dipped by 21 percent. 

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