Frank Vogel Is A Habitual Line Stepper

Frank Vogel is a sly dude. Over the course of his tenure as Pacers head coach, he's shown a propensity for throwing barbs through the media. He's done it so often, it's fair to classify him as a habitual linestepper.

Prior to the Conference Finals, Vogel attracted the wrath of LeBron James by dismissing the Heat as the next team. Prior to last season's series against the Heat, Vogel was fined $15,000 for calling Miami, the biggest floppers in the entire NBA. The jury is still out on that

It's bad enough that his Pacers ended New York's season last week. That wasn't enough for Vogel. On Thursday, he trampled on the Knicks postseason grave and disrespected their memories.

The Knicks struggled scoring in the post with Roy Hibbert patrolling the lane. Conversely, in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals, the Pacers allowed Miami to score 60 points in the paint, despite their lack of prototypical low post scorers. Vogel implied it was less about skill and more attributable to the Heat coaching staff's strategy. Essentially, it was a compliment for Eric Spoelstra and a shot across the bow of Mike Woodson

New York Daily News:

“They had a more intelligent attack at the basket than New York did.”

Vogel was specifically talking about the way Miami was adept at dumping off the ball in the paint, and how that helped Chris Anderson score 16 points on 7-of-7 shooting.

Against New York, Pacers center Roy Hibbert was a one-man basket plug while blocking 19 shots in six games, limiting Tyson Chandler to a depressing series.

Vogel's team is a reflection of his personality though. The Pacers are instigators on the floor and Vogel is the brains of their operation. The feistiness fits them though. Like Vogel, they're a squad of scrappy overachievers with a attitude.

Vogel will most likely try to deny it was an intentional jab at Woodson's coaching tactics, but he knew what he was doing. He just can't help himself. Slick move, Frank.


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